Friday, January 9, 2009


This post may be considered in bad taste and slightly PG-13 for language, violence and bodily functions. Proceed at your own risk.
You have been warned.

You still here? My warning didn't throw you off. I bet you were one of the ones that enlarged the photo of that poor man's bare butt. Sorry, no bare asses here for you to see. Move along........

Soxy Deb at Postcards got this last year, fell off the roof, disappeared and when she showed up after many a long day off (and I think most of us were serious slackers this holiday season. And by most of us, I mean me, of course.)
Well, anyway, she posted this little meme and it seemed like fun. (And really, memes are all about me, so what is not to like)

But seriously, I have been sooooooo busy. And memes are so fun and breezy.

Salty has a trade show at the end of the month and we have been rushing around like crazy people trying to get all the loose ends tied up. Okay, I lie. We haven't gotten around to having any loose ends yet.
We've Salty has procrastinated and just did not get around to all the paperwork, brochures, flight plans, booth fixtures, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - even I'm bored. So it is crunch time. I friggin' hate this trade show. Right after Christmas, always another rush to the finish line - so close to the last one, dead of stinkin' winter, I got to go freeze my tail off in Chicago.

Ahhhh, but I digress.

So I kindly ask Deb to provide me with a letter, as provided in the rules and ask her sweetly /forbid her threaten to kick her butt if she gives me one of those hard letters like Q or Z or V. So, clearly she retaliates at my jesting and gives me the letter I. Sheesh, you don't think she plays favorites with Jill & Georgie do you? They got "G" and "R" . I'm starting to feel like the high school girl in headgear. (oh, that was you? Sorry, no offense, but you were kind of shunned by the popular, goodlooking kids, which was exactly my point.)

Well, she didn't know what an emotional wreck I am and that I am so busy that I'm only been getting @ 3-5 hours of sleep every night. Basically working two jobs and dealing with a raging teenager (one who is grating on my last nerve and am about to pack him up in a doggie crate and ship him up to Maryville, TN to go live with his father.

So, she gets some slack even though she gave me a super hard letter that I really don't have time to think about. But, after several days of pondering (well, not really pondering, because who can ponder on so little sleep?) I have come up with the following:

Now this is representative of the letter "I" and I get the ice cream cone, but is that suppose to be and insect?? Ain't no bug I know that looks like that.

1. Ice Cream - Oh yeah, that one was easy. Butter Pecan would be my fav. (although, I am not one to turn down most any flavor. However, pistachio? Not so much.

2) Iced Coffee. A la Dunkin Donuts **mocha choca lotta** with whipped cream (because that Starbucks crap tastes like you just licked an ashtray - hmmmm maybe that is why all the smokers I know like it so much. And just for the record, the pumpkin spiced latte that everyone was raving for? I couldn't even choke it down. It had a giant oil slick on the top. Gross!)

3) Irish Cream - Bailey's which would be one of my favorite drinks (Cat you can comment and validate that) and it brings back such memories of doing shots in Germany and walking back to the base, drunk off my rear. Good times, I tell ya. Good Times.

4) Iphone - although, I did not need one, did not want one, had no use for one, I LOVE IT!!! The apps, the maps, the GPS. Shazam and Flickster are my favs of the moment. And all because my techoweenie hubby HAD to have it.

5) Interior Design - my college degree (although I am not currently working in the field) (and by currently, I mean for the last 15 years) but I love HGTV and it is on constantly in my house.

6) Italy - my most favoritest vacation ever. I was young and fancy free. If you are new, you could read a few stories here and here.

7) Ice - as in diamonds. I only have one, but am coveting more (hint, hint Mr. Salty - I'm thinking there is a birthday coming up here)

8) Iron - something I don't have enough of and when I take it, it makes me feel better.

9) I Dream of Jeannie - totally blows Georgie's "Gilligans Island" out of the water. It was so cool - Jeannie lived in that totally posh little bottle. AND Major Nelson lived in Cocoa Beach (yep, THAT is in FLORIDA!!!) And he was so cute. Didn't you totally have a crush on Major Nelson?
(hehehe - like how I stole your answer, Georgie and totally turned that around??)

10) intestinal gas - something I have a problem with. Maybe.
(TMI? Just go and blame Deb - it was all her doing with this damn letter.)
However, it is a constant topic of discussion between my sister and I and a constant thorn in Salty's side. He is not that typical burping, farting, scratching his testicles kinda guy. It all sort of embarrassas him and grosses him out, which is exactly why I LOVE to share with him so much. I am nice like that.
(I think he has been hanging around me too much, he downloaded the Fart Machine on his Iphone and thinks it is hilarious)

So there you have it my peeps, the letter game. The letter I compliments of Soxy Deb.

The rules are: you have to list 10 of your favorite things, but they have to start with a certain letter (assigned to you by the blog owner - which now, would be me). If you want to play along, just leave a comment and let me know!

Now, that took WAAAAYYYYY too long. I gotta go to my other job. The one with no paycheck. Ahem, no cash paycheck anyway.


  1. Oh my god. Pack 10 scarfs, gloves and a portable heater! Yikes! Safe travels, and I am very "I"mpressed with all your "I" words! Wow.

  2. Binkie, you are Mrs. Incredible! I LOVED that! Thanks for the linky love and I Dream of Jeanie was my FAVORITE along with Bewitched. I so wanted to be magic.

  3. omg I LOVED I dream of Jeannie.

    it was the BOMB.


  4. I have a worn out I dream of Jeanie shirt that I still wear. kinda odd I know.

  5. I am so going to read your stuff about your Italy trip. That is the place I want to go visit someday more than any other place. I am in no way Italian, but I am in love with that country. I watch the movie Under The Tuscan Sun a lot, just so I can see the countryside.

    Amy gave me the letter L the other day and I am totally slacking in getting my post up.

  6. Ok I'm in, I love memes too! Yours was great especially the Ice (that's always my aim, more diamonds but Joe is so unbelievably dozy he never gets the hints), & no.10 your main reason to meet up with my husband, you'd make a right pair!!!

  7. Great I's. Now I have to go try one of those Dunkin Donut mocha choca lotta things. Sounds yummy!

  8. Lots of shots and a sticky floor as I recall!? Was so much fun though, I am glad we have those memories to share. Send CAB to Maryville, never!!

  9. I agree with the whole ICE CREAM and I dream of Jeanie...loved that show!

    But I'll have to say...don't want to have to think of 10 things about know how shy and HUMBLE I am about that kind of thing! lol!

    Love ya binks!

  10. You rocked it girl! & I would sooooo go to Chicago for you! I wanna go to Chicago.

  11. Our husbands have something in common when it comes to the intestinal gas thing. We all laugh and joke about farts but not him. LOL

    It's not so cold in Chicago. Be glad you're not going to Alaska where it's like -27 today. Now that's cold!

  12. Wow you did good girl. "I" words are hard! I totally agree with the ICE- can never have enough diamonds. I have a abirthday coming up in February so I keep hinting for more too.

    I gave you a little loving on my blog- check it out

  13. That was a great job! What were you complaining and worrying about you big baby?!

    I don't smoke and I love Starbucks. And mocha choca lotta sounds like something from Lady Marmelade. Where the hell did they come up with that name?

    Good luck with the tradeshow!

  14. LMFAO@I dream of Jeannie blowin my Gilligans Island outta the water...however I do ♥ the Jeannie!
    You did GREAT!!!! Oh and G was harder than you might think ;-)

  15. You read Jill and question TMI? When I met her she was adjusting her bra. So, lemme tell ya, on blogs? TMI tends to sell.

  16. Isn't a warning necessary for nearly every post? :)

    Enjoyed the posts and this a new follower here!

  17. anglophilefootballfanatic - THanks for stopping by. The whole TMI thing is total jest. You need to go read my leather clam posts.

    Doublebanker - Welcome, I tend to reply via email and you may miss some of my best stuff.


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