Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free Fall or Free for all - you decide

*** WARNING ***
This post may include PG-13 material and or photos of naked buttocks and/or the suggestion of genitarea.

The headline reads: Skier Suffers "Exposure"

It appears that a 48 year old, male skier was left pantless and dangling from a ski lift in Vail, Colorado today.

Apparently, some "cock"amamie story about the folding seat malfunctioning and the man fell through, his ski was thrust into the chairlift mechanism and jammed.
The man was left dangling (in more ways than one, if you know what I mean) for more than 15 minutes. (The other skiers were kind enough to document the incident for our enjoyment information and/or possible litigation evidence)

The lodge personnel withdrew and disentangled all ..... without injury to the man (although, in my book, total em"bare"r"ass"ment counts as injury).
Another reason not to ski.

I'll bet the resort's emergency personnel don't see much of that out on the mountain.
Broken bones, yes.
Frozen popsicle, not so much.

And I thought my day was bad. I think dangling naked,by one foot, in 20 degree weather, is the winner of the "I had a bad day contest".

And how was your day???

-information & photo source: the Smoking Gun


  1. OMGosh i am soooo glad I am a female ...right?

  2. Ummm, I'll have the chocolate covered popsicle please.


  3. It doesn't get any more embarrassing than that! Couldn't the dude in the yellow helmet have pulled the poor man's tighty whiteys up before he attempted the extrication process or at least offered him his coat? That's a ski weekend he'll never forget, unfortunately!

  4. Bless you. Thank you. That was great! I think the next time I think I am having a bad day, I will think about this fool and feel better.

  5. Don't you know he was saying, "I swear it's freezing! They are shrunk up inside me!" heh heh What a douche bag.

  6. LOL My husband thought that was so funny!

    I wonder what he'll tell his grandkids!

  7. Absolutely made my day. That guys "boys" won't come out from hiding for a few days and when they do you know they'll check the temperature first. Still laughing.

  8. Keep trying to imagine this guy and what was going through his head at the time :)

  9. Perve that I am, I actually clicked on the pic to enlarge to see if I could see the goods. Nah, the cold has done its damage for sure.

  10. Webber - you never know what was in those tighty whiteys

    Laetitia - I'm sure he was thinking, "shrinkage, it is shrinkage".

  11. This was hilarious. Poor guy. *Snicker, snicker* Thanks for visiting my site.

  12. I don't understand why they didn't cover him up, good God! That poor guy probably had frostbite! lol

  13. That is some funny shit. And I just love your "Warning" at the beginning of the post - you always hook me with that shit.

  14. OMG!!!!! I bet he'll wear full snow pants next time. You know, the kind that go all the way up, over the shoulders.

  15. OK, OK I FINALLY got my awards up and just wanted to say thank you! So overdue - you'd be on both lists but since you already have the awards, I thought I'd pick some others this time! Thanks so much!!

  16. He must of been so cold. That would have to be his worst day ever.

    Have a great day.

  17. hahahahaha! oh I loved that...I was laughing so hard!

    And I also had to get a closer look by enlarging lol!

  18. I bet next time he'll buy the ski pants with suspenders.


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