Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 - what the heck happened?

It seems that everyone in the blogoshere is making all these serious and upstanding New Year's resolutions and doing the whole "2008 in review".

I’m running a little late with my 2008 farewell.

People, I can barely remember what I had for dinner last night.

(what the hell did I have for dinner last night?)
Can I blame it on holiday zaniness and stress?

The only thing I can remember doing last year was construction, airplanes and starting this blog. (and the never ending, insufferable "work".)

(you can view a little 1,000 picture slideshow of our kitchen remodel here if you are curious.)

The great thing about 2008 was re-connecting with old friends and family and meeting so many wonderful new people.

I heard today on Today that you had better luck making and sticking to resolutions if you did not make them on New Year's. There is too much stigma and failure of the New Year's Resolution. So, I am waiting until my head is clearer and the craziness has died down.

What I would like to do is: lose 20 pounds and keep it off; be nicer to people in general; keep up the connections I've made; try not to procrastinate so much.

Those are not resolutions, they are just general ideas for living better, eating better and being a better person. Without all the pressure and guilt of failing.

Wow, this went a whole different turn than I planned. It looks like I got all serious and upstanding after all.


  1. I saw that on thetoday show too! I read where someone calld them possibilities instead of resolutions i like the word possibilities ;-)

    I sure could use your nom if your so inclinded- info on my blog

  2. I refuse to make resolutions. I never follow through on them anyway, so why bother.

    I also did the remodel thing this past year - but I still have plenty more to do. Wanna help? I'm super nice like that.

  3. I would love to join you in your would like to-do's.....although I don't procrastinate much. I am that annoying person who has a plan and does things on time. Maybe I should learn to be a little un organized : )

    And I sure would like to lose this 20 lbs before it turns into 30.

  4. Love your quote about them not being resolutions but general idea, etc.
    I keep trying to be nicer to people but my inner b**ch comes out when I least expect it and shoots that idea all to hell. Then I have to start over. Maybe someday but I doubt it.
    Good luck with all these

  5. I,ve got one resolution this year and i intend on keeping it... no magazines so I can save up the money I spend on them.

  6. Serious and upstanding? Are you in there, Binks? ;)

  7. Georgie - I like that "Possibilities", now if I could only remember that....
    SoxyDeb- That is what I say, why bother.
    Lynn - hey girlfriend, long time no see. Glad you are out of the painting dungeon for a while.
    Sheri - inner biatch? so that is what the fiend living in there is called.
    Marie6 (aka Laetitia) - hmmmmm, how can we get you free magazines?
    Alyson - I know you all are used to my crazy messed up sense of humor, but beware - the serious, heartwrenching may be commencing soon.

  8. Those look like good goals for the year. I wish you only success.

  9. I will not be making resolutions. I feel like a failure if I cannot stick to them. Besides, if I post about them then they are there forever as a taunting reminder of how much i suck. In 2008 I gave up regular soda and swtiched to Coke Zero. i know, I know, diet soda isnt any better other than it has no calories. It still is soda. So for 2009 I will begin cutting out some other things. I do it better that way. Like cutting my morning whole bagel into a half a bagel. Ok, so maybe I did make a small resolution.

    LMAO at your other post with the naked skiier butt too.

  10. Good resolutions and since you didn't actually write them on New Years Eve, you now have a better chance of reaching them, right??? Here's the thing I remember about 2008: I had a job. Shit. That sucks.


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