Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't You Hate It When...

So friends we have a new game to play on Mondays.

The new "Don't You Hate It When" game hosted by my fabulous friend Shelle at Blok Thoughts. If you want to play along, you can find out more over at her very entertaining site, just click the link. (plus, she has lots of pretty pictures)

Don't you just hate it when............
you are traveling in a foreign country, (say Italy) and you don't speak the language (like Italian). And you get on a bus that is scheduled to stop at your favorite tourist attraction (like the Vatican) . But the bus doesn't stop at said tourist attraction and continues on to God knows where. And the bus driver speaks not one lick of English. And the bus is now traveling down a road that is no longer on the only map that you have. And the bus travels for what seems like an hour and ends up stopping in a small little village (also not on aforementioned map) at suppertime and the bus driver gets off the bus and leaves. And there are 3 other buses parked there (all empty) and the stop is deserted (but it doesn't really matter because no one speaks your language anyway). And you and your companions are young and thin and not bad looking and your mother has scared the shit out of you talking about young girls being kidnapped in foreign countries as sex slaves. And you have to pee?

Yeah, I hate when that happens.


  1. hahahahahaha!!! Oh MY gosh...that is so funny and so what would've happened to me. Yet I don't feel bad for you because you WERE in Italy...which is a place I Have always wanted to go!

    So what happened next...were you sold as a sex slave? lol!

  2. OMG that is tooooooooooo funny! Ahem, thank goodness I don't have to pee cus then it woulda been don't you hate it when you read a blog post called "don't you hate it when" and you laugh so hard you pee your pants?!

  3. Welcome aboard Tiff. Come on back now ya hear?

  4. Jess- it did suck & we were scared!

    Shelle - oh honey, that is a whole other Don't you hate it day.

    Insane Mama - I'm sure you've had a day like this.

  5. Oh no!! Where did you end up? How'd you get home??
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh yeah. I totally hate when that happens.

  7. No, nothing beats the time I was in south america and I had to go potty and there was no toilet in the bathroom. Just a hole in the floor with grooves to stand on as you squat down. Did I mention this was the bathroom in a resturant in town?

  8. Yeah, I would totally hate all those things..

  9. Yeah and don't you hate it even worse when the driver yells at you in Italian and gets louder and louder in hopes that you really do speak Itlian but that you're just deaf...



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