Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to Sunny South Florida

Just some miscellaneous crap........
( I know how much you like that mundane stuff )

Salty and I went down to the beach for lunch on Sunday.

It was a beautiful day for the most part. Here is the view from our table.

Of course, we were in the A/C because it was 800 degrees out. And we can get that anyday.

Cat got a new tattoo.

Just a little dime size tattoo on her wrist.

It's Hello Kitty - ain't she cute??

However, her 6 year old son, was not quite so happy to see it.

He told her that because he did not pre-approve the choice of tattoo, it was unacceptable and she needed to go get a big X to cross it out. (did I mention he is 6?

When she did not agree to that scenario, he went and packed his suitcase. His mom no longer loved him, but now loved Hello Kitty instead.

He told his Grandmother that he was going to come live with her. When she asked how he was going to get to her house two hours away. He calmly told her. "I'll call a taxi".

Where do kids get this stuff?


  1. I love the big X to cross it out! That would solve so many problems.

  2. The tat is cool as all hell! And my five year old wants the same lizard I have on my arm when he gets old enough.

  3. OMG! I can't believe that's mine.
    Isn't she sooo cute. Now my little man loves my HK (and only mine) Now he wishes I had given her a blue bow instead, so it would be at least a little "boy-ish" lol

  4. Smart kid! lol! Tattoo's hurt so I stay away! :)

    Florida is beautiful as always!

  5. I'm jealous. That lunch spot is a dream vacation!

    out of the mouths of babes! It is amazing what they come up with.

  6. Yeah - Florida is beautiful until you have to work outside for 10 minutes in the 1,000 degree heat. Or baseball, kids' never ending baseball games. UGH, too hot and boring.


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