Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pi** Me Off Thursday

Well, you would think since I had the worst day today and was waiting all day for my head to explode, that it would be easy to finish my Thursday irks me list. Even my d*ckhead boss knew enough to leave a wide berth and leave me alone. One word and I would've be outta there like a bat out of hell. Just a thin thread was holding me to my desk and I longed for freedom from the rat race.

Today it has just been hard to focus. So if I seem a little manic this fine evening, please excuse me.

And away we go:
  1. Waitresses that refill your coffee without asking. Damn, I just got the whole cream/sugar ratio just right and you just "top" it off. And when I do ask for more, could you leave enough room for cream and sugar? Do you need to fill it to almost overflowing? Servers out there take note. This pisses people off. (or maybe it's just a conspiracy)
  2. Speaking of waitresses - or waiters (I'm an equal opportuity employer) does it piss anyone else of, or is it just me? Don't you hate it when they take your glass away to refill it. And what about when they take several? How do they NOT get them all mixed up? How do you know you're getting the same drink?
  3. Turn signals - does anyone use turn signals anymore? A small sign of consideration to your fellow man? Please let me know what your intention is, flying down the highway, going 105. Just so I can stay out of your way, of course.
  4. The fact that it takes an hour for my computer to shut down and restart. Is it really necessary? And Apple - could you reduce the size of your Itunes app? It eats up all my resources and runs 50 times a day (even after I disable it). Oh wait, maybe another conspiracy to get us to buy $5,000 iMacs. Damn computers.
  5. little tiny piss ants - I can't seem to rid myself of these maddening ants. Everywhere, just everywhere. Kitchen, bathroom, living room. They show no preference. Just what the sam hell are they looking for?

Care to share some of your own? I don't mind - rant away.


  1. Okay, you have me hooked. I am adding you to my roll.(not my belly roll either.)


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