Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running out of gas

People - please stop trying to overanalyze my post titles.
It is about running - not gas prices or farting.
Running - something I am not good at and am not particularly fond of.

Today, I went running.
And I lived.
Well, sort of.

You know, when you don't really exercise, and you are older, it is hard to get started. So, my friend Pooh (as in bear and not as in # 2) and her husband and their 2 boys are running in a 5k in December. Since her husband (Jamaican Injury Man) and Salty are friends, Salty is also going to do the 5k.

And this is how old, fat people get roped into running in a race that they aren't so crazy about....
But since I need to reduce the size of my fat ass, I guess things could be worse. They could be asking me to train for a marathon. And Ohio Runner (my lurker) don't start sending me e-mails about marathons, it ain't gonna happen.

Here is where we ran today (ok, I admit it, it was really walking with a few 10 second spurts of jogging) taken with Salty's iphone and immediately e-mailed to me. SO COOL! (sheeesh, I am a technoweenie, too - when did that happen?)

It is a park with a stable and riding trails around a wetlands. But it has walking/running trails and bridges throughout. Since it was overcast and drizzling this morning at 7 am. (yes, you heard me right- *rolling eyes*) it was not 100 degrees.

So, since this is just the itty bitty (my word for the week) first training session, I only did one mile. And it only took me 18 minutes. ROFL

After we ran, Pooh and I were talking (we don't see each other so much anymore) and the boys were playing on the playground . Along came Mr. Rabbit munching on the grass. He was cute, but obviously a pet gone missing. (Snow white bunnies, not a common South Florida wildlife sight. )
After we got home, I took a shower and took a LOOOONNGGGG nap. A reward for the exercise.
Next up belly dance and zumba class. (I am laughing hysterically in my head, you should hear it) Just catching you up with my day.
Oh, I started that Twitter thing you all are doing (I am a follower) but it was freaking me out and my phone is rejecting it, so we shall see where that goes. One more thing I gotta keep up with, my husband of 3 years is gonna deeevorce me.
3:30 am - gotta sleep - just in case Salty wakes me at 6 to "exercise".
Oh, Oh, one more thing. I was threatened with my life
asked to post an actual photo of myself (like that morning- straight outta bed wasn't "actual"). So I went one step further and changed my post picture. steps, people, baby steps.


  1. I tried running once. I hated it. I lasted 3 or 4 days. Good for you for entering a 5k. I'll be cheering for you!

  2. Running?!! Better get one major sports bra! They say running becomes addicting but I have never stuck with it long enough to see what happens. Yes, I remember getting lost in Rome, however, glad we did it. When people talk about going to Paris and how wonderful it would be, it is odd that I have the same feelings about the city that you do, did not like it! Everyone thinks I am crazy for saying such a thing. I mainly remember that no one was very helpful if you asked questions, and weird men lerking in the stairways, yuck! Keep us posted with the running stuff, good luck!

  3. Yea for BINKS whose running...and I am with you there in spirit with the Zumba classes...I love them...and don't let the cute girl take your mirror space! lol!

    And everything I said on NYC blog is my knowledge! :)

  4. Oh crap - I knew I posted that too soon. Now I am gonna have to do it.

    Lynn- I may not last that long.
    Ms Mel - good sports bra a must for these ta-tas. Two sizes too small for the extra tight, no bounce, but lots of back fat bulge effect.
    Shelle - don't get too excited, tomorrow I am just going to view the facility.

  5. I used to be a runner, but then I just got tired of it. Now, some 15 years later I am trying trying to start up do I need a nap!


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