Sunday, September 28, 2008

100th POST

Okay - it is just about my 100th post (I know, can you really believe it?) and I was bloggin' and mysteriously came across this post (I believe it is called fate - or maybe bad luck, cuz it is another meme!)

Here is what it said (except for the meme part, cuz, you know, I put my own answers there (well, I sort of followed the leader).

"Did you know that on your 100th post you’re supposed to do a list of 100 things about you? "
Oh just barely did I make it. But, I can't really figure out if it REALLY is the 100th one (you know there are drafts and such in there) but here goes anyway:

  1. I love… reading

  2. the beach

  3. the ocean

  4. LOST

  5. rainy days and cozying up

  6. architecture

  7. food - especially sweets

  8. chips and salsa

  9. Wicked (the musical)

  10. infomercials

  11. QVC (I have seriously reduced my QVC & infomercial watching due to the whole blog thing)

  12. Facebook

  13. blogging

  14. Get togethers with my friends

  15. HGTV

  16. scary stories and movies but not slasher flicks

  17. reconnecting with my almost step sisters

  18. Keanu Reeves - yummy

  19. little kids giggling

  20. dry, sarcastic, witty comedy

  21. christian worship music

  22. big band

  23. acting

  24. inside jokes

  25. puzzles (word & picture)

  26. quoting movie lines

  27. ice tea with splenda

  28. pecans

  29. Craftsman style

  30. Savannah

  31. Vancouver & Stanley Park

  32. DDR (shhhhh, don't tell)

  33. I don’t like: cleaning (more of a "hate")

  34. Onions, peppers and celery

  35. over medium eggs with runny whites *gag*

  36. people with no sense of humor

  37. driving in the rain

  38. people that pee on the toilet seat

  39. doctors

  40. Paris (at least not the last time I was there)

  41. people with limp handshakes

  42. men under 80 that are hand kissers (creepy)

  43. exercising

  44. being drunk

  45. spiders and cockroaches

  46. rubber neckers

  47. mosquitos & flies

  48. stock market shows

  49. being hot and sweating

  50. people that hang on to a grudge

  51. stinky cheese

  52. touching feet

  53. Other interesting facts (or not): I am the youngest child

  54. Cry when children sing on stage (weird, not interesting)

  55. Sometimes I judge others too quickly

  56. I always want to be right

  57. Am a bit of a know it all (I hate this about myself)

  58. A sucker for romantic comedies

  59. I have 4 siblings

  60. I have a child out of wedlock

  61. Swam on a swim team every summer for 8 years

  62. I don't really like to watch basketball or football on TV (but I don't mind going to a game)

  63. Battle insomnia and Hypersomnia

  64. I secretly am shy

  65. Closet pack rat

  66. Can't swallow pills

  67. I can do a killer English accent

  68. A secret computer gamer

  69. Have only seen Gone with the Wind one time

  70. An Aquarius

  71. I once got lost in Rome (remember that MsMel?)

  72. I wish I had more kids

  73. Suffer from trichotillomania

  74. Am a bit of a slob

  75. Believe some germs are good for your immune system

  76. Want to explore painting (as in art - not house)

  77. Marched on Tallahassee at the age of 8 for the Women's Right Movement

  78. Can trace my ancestors back to the 1500's on my Dad's side and about 1600's on my Mom's.

  79. Am Dutch and Swiss

  80. addicted to p o r n (just kidding - wondering if you were still reading - if that was the case, would I be blogging?)

  81. Obsessed with ghosts and spirits (real or fake?

  82. Am a hardened procrastinator

  83. Have a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute (which I am not working at right now)

  84. regret not going to college right out of high school

  85. Curious about different cultures and how people live

  86. recently took Italian classes and remember very little (sadly)

  87. Have never been to Vegas

  88. Am allergic to pine (so no real Christmas trees)

  89. Used to be mildly agoraphobic and sociaphobic

  90. Struggle with an inferiority complex

  91. Am usually the designated driver

  92. Have taken belly dance classes

  93. I have visited the Disney World theme parks over 150 times

  94. Cannot roller blade (but kickass roller skater)

  95. I have never seen It's a Wonderful Life

  96. Favorite flowers are orchids

  97. Am allergic to most perfumes

  98. I love my DVR

  99. Always running late

  100. Have 2 cats, Boots and Phoebe

Now you know 100 things about me…

Any questions?

Thinking of some sort of giveaway for the 150th post. Any ideas??
Really, I am just a newbie. Give me something people, please!

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