Friday, September 12, 2008

Pleasuring myself

First and foremost, get your mind out of the gutter. This in NOT a post about THAT.

If you have been following along and read this or maybe this, then you know how I have been blogging bitching about how I have no readers and no comments and woe is me. Poor little unpopular girl.

So, in typically Liza Jane style, I just figured I would go and entertain myself.
So here is my guilty pleasure.
I go leave loooong sarcastic, witty and completely inane comments on peoples blogs. Is that wrong?? People love comments right?? I know that I sure do (hint, hint, hint).

I used to just leave comments on a few blogs to kind of try and generate some friendships. And I would totally stalk them and check back (often) to see if they answered my comments or had a new post or see what other readers were saying. That was easy because it was only a few and I could remember who they were.
My problem? I keep jumping around to different blogs and leaving comments, I can't remember where I've been. (This sounds like a mental pause post) I mean really, how do you keep track? Or do you? Oh no, is it just me? Am I just totally obsessed about it and really just losing my mind? Insanity anyone?

So, in advance, I hereby apologize for all my goofy comments. I really am a harmless, boring, mother/ wife and I promise I won't really come to your house with weapons. (My attack cat, maybe, but no weapons.) Hopefully, I can just add a small smile to your day and sprinkle a little happiness on your blog.
If, however, I am freaking you out, just send me an email. But wait, then I would have your email address, and who knows where that would lead. Just kidding........

Ok - now you guys can tell my 3 am blogs, thrown out into the blogdom from my well thought out, gramatically correct, I had 8 hours sleep last night posts. Which do you prefer? You know I aim to please......

Just a note: I had to go back and justify the blog. I think my OCD is showing.
Candid Carrie and Foto Finish Friday will have to wait 'til next week.


  1. heh. Thanks for the loooong sarcastic, witty and completely inane comment you left on my blog : )

    I never know where to answer comments, so I thought I would come here and leave you another.

    I do the same thing....well, maybe my comments aren't as long, but I leave them everywhere and forget where.

    Let's see, you are not the first to complain about comment verif, so I will turn it off and see how it goes.

    I say yinz ALL the time, but I try not to type it so people don't think I am too weird. I grew up here in the pittsburgh area, so the word in ingrained in me. Maybe I'll do a post about what we say out here.

    Let's see....I "follow" a lot of blogs because I added them all from my reader. Most of them only post a couple times a week, so it really isn't as bad as it looks. Besides, reading blogs is my only fun. So the more the merrier.

    And I am totally psyched that I have 6 followers. I figured if no one was going to follow me after a few days, I was taking that widget down.

    I guess maybe I'll follow your blog now too. What's another on my list to read? Keeps me from working : )

    This a long enough comment for ya? Have a good one!

  2. Well you are doing some good, cos thanks to you I've got another follower today :)

  3. okay...I love your witty comments...I do the exact same guess what, you are normal! Hate to dissappoint you!

    I better be the one you remember or you are going down! lol!

  4. I just clicked to follow you, but it didn't show me WAAAA! I don't think it's the OCD, wait, I have OCD to and I obsess over weather or not people are reading my blog too so maybe it is the OCD. Hmmm something to think about. I think anyone who spends time blogging is mental in some way. Mental in a good way of course

  5. I'm currently in the same boat. I think I have, maybe, mustered up one reader which isn't one of my personal friends (who, by the way, never leave comments).

    I, too, am a desperate seeker of bloggy friends. Will you be mine?

    How's that for a goofy comment??


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