Tuesday, July 29, 2008


ok - I know this whole thing is really for my own enjoyment, but seriously

out there???

thanks for the comment schelle , you made my day. Of course you made water squirt out my nose when I read your bathroom blog, but the comment was a nice surprise. (Btw - tried that twitters thing but was so confused I got a headache and left.) Thanks to Lori too. I definitely will not be visiting your hot tub any time soon. I am allergic to bugs. But appreciate the comments and the laughs.
You see, my old friends, they just don't understand and will not comment. So I thank all my NEW friends for their kind and funny remarks. (did you notice? I learned something new tonight - links) Ah, I do entertain myself.

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  1. I'm here for you :) lol!

    Oh and congrats on figuring out the links, but I could've just told you how to do it! :)


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