Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maybe you might want to skip this too.

You know, I had about 10 blog ideas batting around my brain when I was driving home today. Starting with that darn milk story. Now I've gone and forgotten it all. Is it just me or is it hell getting old???

Here is a little shout out for Piersy. Hey lady, what can I do to help??? Send me a message via the wickersham. heeheehee (I am sure he'll hate that out there for all in blogland to see). <3>


Oh yeah, here's one. This is for Bab's (ala Mike S) enjoyment.

Today, one of the workers came in to tell us (or Bab's, not really me, I was eavesdropping, as usual, but I mean they are RIGHT there)

anyway the guy comes in to tell Bab's he needs his Christmas fund 'cuz he has 2 loose teeth and they have to come out. Now, this guy is usually pleasant enough ( personalitywise, that is - don't get me going on odors) but oh the rotting teeth .

I seem to remember about the same time last year requesting his Christmas savings about this time for some tooth ache that had to be addressed and removed.

May I make a suggestion senor?

Buy a toothbrush.

Now, I won't get on my high horse.

I hate the dentist as much as the next guy and down here it is hard to find someone that is reasonable, on your insurance plan, speaks distinguishable English and doesn't have a dental treatment plan that costs the same as a small Caribbean island.

But seriously dude, brushing might help with the decay. I swear I was in the dollar store and they had like a 10 pack of toothbrushes for a dollar. They also had tubes of toothpaste for, yep, a dollar.

I am sure it is not Crest or Colgate but I am sure it probably has fluoride and will clean your teeth. $2 is all I am asking.

You spend more money paying back payday loans.

Please, your co-workers (especially us office girls) would appreciate the reasonably fresher breath.

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