Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The new condo & the Ikea dilemma

My sister is buying a new 2/2 condo.

It is very cute and professionally decorated and it includes all the fancy schmancy decorator furniture. However, it is quite a bit smaller than her 3 br 2 ba house with a 2 car garage.

Now, she wants to put some kind of storage system in her closet and I am surely game to help her out. My big dilemma...... dum de da dum.....

Do I want to just get something at the Depot? or Do I want to attempt the Ikea Hell??

Have you ever been to Ikea???

Wandering aimlessly for hours looking at cheap swedish furniture??

Sure, they have some cool, ingeneous gadgets, sure they have cheap hot dogs and swedish meatballs. But, have you ever been in the chair department and had to go to the bathroom?? It is Ikea Hell! 120 million people swirling around lost in a store the size of Rhode Island!!

[click click and my new A/C starts quietly- gotta love it]

Go down the wrong elevator or staircase and oops here is another 50 acres to walk before you get to the item pick up. Another 10 football fields later and you may just find the check out.

Maybe if I go during the week and not the weekend. Maybe, just maybe, the zoo will be, well, less zoo like.

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