Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh the memories


So, I was driving home from work today and was watching a bottle of water roll around the floor. (yes, my car is a wee bit messy, no food mine you, just clutter.)

I digress.

Watching that bottle of water rolling around reminded me of the time I took Cab and his cousin Megamite to Busch Gardens in Tampa. Sort of a long drive from here so I stopped and bought them doughnuts and drinks for breakfast. We got to hotel, went to park, spent 3 days, drove home.

Long story short, a few days after we got back, my car began to stink. I mean, STINK. It was so bad, I had to roll the windows down and stick my head out the window to go to work. I searched that car up and down and could not find anything. This goes on for maybe a week. The stench is enough to ...... I am gagging myself at the memory.

I mean, I am leaving the windows open every chance I can (which in a Florida summer is not often. you know, major thunderstorms), I even bought some smelly flower carpet foam deodorizer and sprayed the carpet down. This sort of toned down the rotten stench a bit with a sickening sweet flower smell. At least I could tolerate driving the car without sticking my head out the window. Listen, when you drive the highway (major highway) with your head literally poked out the window, you get some LOOKS!

Well, now the short story is long so I will land this plane.

After searching diligently for the source of the stench for over a week, I went to pick Cab up at his friend's house and when I stop I hear a little clunk sound from the passenger seat. Cab gets in the car and we leave. Now the clunking is more prominent. So, I pull over and Cab looks under his seat. What does he find?

A 2 week old bottle of milk!!!!

Apparently it got stuck somewhere under the seat and due to the heat, kind of blew the cap off a little. Of course, now that it was free from its little hiding place and right under our noses, it was super bad. Cab was holding the bottle out the window and kinda gagging. Of course, I was laughing and gagging myself.

He wanted to chuck it from the car but little miss no littering made him hold it until we got to a trash can.

I think the funniest part of it all, we threw it away in a garbage can at Walgreens. You know, the one right by the front door. I am sure they got a nice surprise the next morning.

Buy hey, I don't like to litter. That's just me. Make my kid hold a chunky, rotten bottle of spoiled stinky milk for 5 minutes 'til we find a garbage can. I say, it builds character.

Hey did I mention we FINALLY got a new A/C? Yay!!! No more $10k electric bills for me!! No more changing the TV volume to deafening when the A/C turns on. No more of the outside unit sounding like a harrier is taking off in our little courtyard. Our 25 year old A/C unit is dismantles and gone. Lets just hope our new, improved (and did I say quiet) A/C lasts as long.

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