Tuesday, July 29, 2008


While I am thinking about it, thought I better get it down fast.
Last Saturday, Salty and I are sitting upstairs in the bedroom (because there is generally no place to sit right now downstairs) and we hear some weird noise downstairs. Not cats got into something noise (especially when they are with us) but a weird noise.
I ask Salty, "did you hear that?" and he agrees he heard something weird. He thought he was just imagining it. So he goes downstairs and there is some guy walking in our sliding glass door.
I think Salty surprises him and he asks if David So and So lives here.
Now, our neighbor up front (the place you have to pass to get to our house from the street) his name is David B, NOT David So and So.
Now I am paranoid that this was some thief or something.
If it wasn't a robber and truly David B's friend, let me just say:
(1) if you ARE friends with someone but you REALLY don't know where they live, maybe it is not a good idea to just WALK IN THEIR HOUSE!!!! I mean obviously, you don't know them that well.
(2) be aware, this is SOUTH FLORIDA. hello??? people have guns.
(3) You are damn lucky that I don't.
Get the gate lock, get the gate lock.
Just a thought .
UPDATE: when I was leaving for work yesterday (Tues), I had a funny feeling and had Cab check the OTHER sliding glass door. IT WAS UNLOCKED!!! Due to construction & stuff we are going in out doors that are normally NEVER opened. Of course I had to go put on all my jewelry that is worth a darm (all 1 piece - lol).

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  1. You are serious? Someone just walked into your house and asked if David was there? Was he high? Was he drunk? was he both? That is WAY freaky...look into getting a gun...and definitely get a lock on your gate!

    I'm creeped out for you!


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