Friday, August 1, 2008

I am tired

It is 3:30 am and I have been awake and surfing blogs. But now I am tired. I tink too tired to type.
We finished painting most of the living room tonight and cleaning up some of the floor stuff. Tomorrow the boys are coming over to move some of the big wall unit crap back into place. That means............ yay!!! I get my DVR back. That may be the death of this blog because now I can save all my shows and spend hours at night watching them once Salty falls asleep. Don't get me wrong, I COULD watch when he is awake and often do, but there are a few that we BOTH watch and I watch those when we are both awake. I am nice like that. hahahhahahahahhahaha (not really that nice, I just don't want to watch them twice. )
I guess it has not been too bad because there is really NOTHING on worth watching this summer. I bet if my cable was hooked up to the DVR, I would find something to watch.
I digress (sorry, I do that a lot). Back to the death of the blog. Waahhh wah. I only have one really loyal reader and she leaves me no comments. Is there anyone out there?? I guess I will keep asking until someone answers. It is depressing.
Oh wait, I started this to entertain myself. maybe I should just leave myself messages.
I am sure this is sounding stilted and manic and crazy. Did I tell you I was tired???
I had an idea for a blog yesterday but it slipped my feeble mind. Any ideas? Anything anyone wants to know??? Comment Please. A hello, a you suck, anything?? anyone???
I gotta go to bed, did I say I was tired? AND I have to drive 3 hours after work tomorrow to help my sis pack up her stuff to move it into her new condo. Oh yeah, bed. Ciao peeps. Oh yeah, no peeps. Goodnight moon.

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