Friday, August 1, 2008

Pi** me off - pet peeves

Oh yeah, now i remember. I was getting gas and some dumba** (that is my most favorite word right now) did something to pmo. So, I was going to do a Thursday pet peeves blog. But alas, Thursday is over and now I have to wait until next Thursday and being the procrastinator that I am, I won't make it next Thursday (did I tell you I was tired? I just retyped Thursday 12 times cuz I spelled it wrong).

Okay, stop begging. I will start right now.

Five things that piss me off (PMO) or five pet peeves:

  • 1) people that dont pull up to the first gas pump causing you to wait. Maybe there was someone there and they were the 2nd one in line, you say. Nope, I watched them drive to the pump and just dont pull up. AAARRGGG!!

  • 2) people that lurk and dont leave comments - hahhahaha that of course is a new one.

  • 3) people who write a lot as one word "alot". People, didn't you pay attention in 6th grade English?? a lot - two words. Now you know.

  • 4) dumba**es that work at fast food restaurants that can't get your order right. How hard is it really??

  • 5) Teenagers that think their parents have an obligation to continually spend a gazillion bucks on them. And they have no obligation to do chores or treat their parents with gratitude or respect. (not mine specifically,lol - but in general but he is def. included)

Stay tuned for next Thursday (maybe) for more pmo & pp. What are yours?

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