Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pi** me off Thursday

Why is it that every time my cell phone rings, it is downstairs and I am upstairs? (or vice versa)

Why is it that when I go tearing downstairs (at great person risk of falling down stairs) to answer it that it stops ringing just as I open it?

Why does my husband the caller then call the home phone and I have to race back upstairs to answer it?

Salty knows darn well that I can't call him back on the house phone. It has no long distance and his cell number is long distance and I have to get the damn cell phone anyway.

I've told him a million times. Call back the cell, it takes 20 minutes to dig it out of the bottom of my Coach bag. (Damn purse! It is possessed. No matter what it is that I am looking for in there gets sucked to the bottom, the minute that I need it.) I guess that is the price you pay when you get roped into the blatant consumerism that is designer handbags.

And so.... with that little rant, we go right into our regularly scheduled Thursday program. I originally had 5 other items to post but I've already started so I will include those I've already mentioned and save the others for later.

And the Piss me off list for this week is:

  1. purses - they just annoy me. They are way too expensive and everything I am looking for is always at the bottom. If I need my wallet, it is at the bottom under the cell phone, check book, pens, papers, cyborg ear charger. When I need the cell phone, the wallet is on top. The pen, only on top when I need my cell phone. When I need the pen, it is missing in action. Never fails.

  2. Cats under your feet. It drives me nuts when the cats are skulking around the stairs. When I go running downstairs to answer my phone, always there, ready to send me headfirst into very serious injury or death. Of course, when you are ready to leave and want to make sure that the damn things are not locked in a closet or room, they are nowhere to be found.

  3. Rude Sales People: ummmm.... hello? Me - customer, you - employee hired to help people. Do your job and don't give me any crap. And a special shout out to the short haired blonde manager at the Dunkin Donuts in Palm Bay, Florida - when people say they can't hear you in the stupid drive through speaker, they can't freakin hear you. Oh wait, we were just "punking" you at 6:30 am because thats how we roll. NOT!

  4. People who do not use their turn signals. (but that is just a whole other blog) Selfish, selfish, selfish.

  5. Comment checking, approving and verification. Ok, I know that is really a new one, but it is so frustrating. I know that some folks have trouble with blog stalkers, rude commenters, spam (?) and I could understand in that case. But newbies with virtually no readers/commenters - is it really necessary to approve a comment? AND word verification? You should be reveling in the fact that someone actually wants to leave a comment. And I totally started out using the word verification (to reduce comment spam- what?) but thought WTF? Any comment is a good comment at this point. Who am I kidding.


  1. First of all...I just caught up in my reader with your last 3 posts...and I thank you for the linky love...but I READ you because you are hilarious! Especially when you comment!

    This morning when I woke up and read your comment I laughed out loud and woke my husband up! You are so funny!

    And yes...I will make an exception just for you with the whole perfect body thing...but just for you, so don't tell anyone else! :)

    About cell phones...that is JUST how it is! THey ONLY ring when it's inconvenient, I swear!

    About you getting more traffic to your's about time...but I suspect you received all that traffic love because you are a GREAT commenter...I always click on the witty comments on others blogs to see who is behind the humor! :)

  2. Oh...and I don't think you BLOG STALK me...I KNOW you do...which is why I always want to stay on your good side...don't want anything CRAZY to know...

    :) lol

  3. Found you via TXMama--I did at one time have an angry stalker, so I do approve comments. But I think I have approved every comment I've received since I instituted it. I don't use word verification because, frankly, I'm moderating them anyway. I know, though, that the minute I take down moderation, Madame Stalker will be back (I track her IP address--she checks my blogs 8-10 times a day to make sure I don't talk about her...ex-friends are lovely...).

  4. You really hit the nail on the head with this one, always mobile phones ring when you don't want them to and then I can never find it in time. Drives my husband mad cos his is always in his jeans pocket.
    And thanks for being my follower, I have only just realised as I'm still very green with this blogging thing, so now I've put you on my blog. Thank you again.


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