Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where is the Love?

Well the other day I happened upon Texas Mama's blog and she beat me to the pass. Read her blog and then come back and read my thoughts on the subject:

I have been thinking lately that I will find some new, smaller blogs to get my daily fix and maybe get a response every once in a while.
I originally started my blog to just get "it" down and to have something to do late at night when HGTV is re-running the evening's programs and I can't sleep (how many times can you watch the same Househunters? ).
As I got more addicted involved, it was is always nice to get a little love every now and then. (you know, every bloggers secret wish, COMMENTS)
Now, I normally try and stay away from those bloggers that have 9,000 comments. I know they are probably great writers and I could get my blogging fix. (wow, I sound like a junkie. hmmmm....) However, it is the little guy and the average joesphine/joe that peaks my interest. How people live in other parts of the county or maybe the world.
How would those Superbloggers even visit all those commenter's blogs or even read all the comments to their posts? Is this their livelihood? Do they have actual lives?

Sometimes, I have the strange feeling that I am still in high school. Forever on the fringes of the popular clique.I mean, why can Frenchie Sparklepants get 63 comments after discussing tampons?

I have found a few friends out there that come back and validate my existence and encourage me to keep on going.
Shelle at Blok Thoughts - she probably thinks I am some weird blog stalker because I am always stopping by her blog to see what she is up to. I once had to send her an email as an answer to her comment. My answer was so long that if I replied as a comment on her blog, people would be saying, "huh?" (is it weird and unacceptable to send emails?) (and do I use parentheses too much?) She is a super funny, super sweet and a great photographer. I heart her. (she is one that has lots of readers, but that girl is loyal!)
Then, there is Lori at Queen of Dirty Laundry, she was one of my first commenters. I miss her - she hasn't been posting too much lately. She always makes me laugh with the antics of her little family. I heart Lori, too.
A special thanks goes out to MsMel who has been my most devoted reader.
I heart Mel too and I am really glad that we have reconnected.
Muah! to you guys!

On the otherhand, there are little guys out there (who shall remain nameless) that I read their blog regularly, always left numerous comments and never got any feedback. (None, Zilch, Nada)
I mean sometimes they would do a little reply in THEIR comments (you know, it is all bout me) but never stopped by.
Not even for a look. What is that about? At first, I thought they were just busy with life and that was the way they rolled. Then I notice their comments all over the blogdom. I mean that could give a girl a complex. Needless to say, I don't visit their world anymore. Too bad for them!

So, if you have a million comments, I am gonna have to pass you by and search the moat of the blogdom for some frogs that may just turn into princes.

Note: There are some other great blogs I read (see Oh the Places I go) and I apologize for not mentioning you. But you will see my comments, lots of long, sarcastic comments. AND I learned a new trick, can you guess what it is?


  1. This is my first time to your blog, I get frustrated too when I comment and comment and read and read and I don't get feedback. Well that used to be the case, I DO get feedback now and it's great I love it! I love blogging, just not the judgements that come along with it

  2. Oh, ps I don't subsrice to readers, so I add to my blogroll to keep up. I like to see peoples blogs. So I will add you so I can keep up.

  3. Oh, hi again. It's me mariah I thought what you said was hilarious on my blog when you said you started blogging to help the insomnia and now you are up all night reading blogs...hilarious

  4. I really am a little insane, it's not just a name

  5. Well welcome Insane Mama, it is ok that you are insane becasue really, aren't we all? Glad it is not just me.

    I'm Lisa, I don't subscribe either because I really can't figure the damn reader thing out and it bugged the crap out of me. So I deleted it. HA!

    I can't remember where I found you but your a spicy chick and I heart spicy!

    And look, 1 am and here I am commenting on my own blog. =)

    Hope to see you again in these parts. Come visit again soon. And leave at least 5 comments for each post so it will look like I actually have some readers.

  6. I found you through your comment on Insane Mamas blog. Sheesh. She started blogging about when I did, wait, I started first, and she has way MORE readers than I do. *sigh* I guess my life is just boring.

    And so I am a little guy....but my life is boring. But you can stop over anyway.

  7. I have so many in-real-life people who read my South City blog, I know they do and they rarely comment (like my pastor, for instance, reads daily but never leaves a trace). But my other one, which is not read by folks I knew personally, is the one I crave the feedback on. I don't care if people like the photos of my kids or the rant about local politics, but somebody, please, love my little essay about road signs. It took a long time to build up readers on that one...but it became a nice little online community of teeny essay writing bloggers.

    Now I will quit stalking you and just blogline you a while.


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