Tuesday, September 9, 2008

drafts = piss me off

rude sales people - ala DUnkin donuts

Example 1 - Babs (sister) and I went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee before garage sale (6:45 am Sunday morning). Pull up to drive through window and her hhmrrrrmmm mmrrmm. (we assume of course that means "Can I take your order") we order and hear hhmrrrrmmm mmrrmm hhrrtthhtmmmm. We reply, we can't hear you we will pull up and order. We get to the window and she says "your total is $2.98." "We wanted more stuff but we couldn't hear you." "You are the only one that couldn't hear me. What do you want?"

expiring gift cards
people who slow down behind cops

cell phone dropped calls

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  1. We call that slowing down behind cops "V-ing up," like how geese get behind a leader when they migrate.

    Rude sales people, unprovoked rude sales people, that is, always kinda bug me. I've been a sales person (fabric store, walmart, Toys R Freakin Us) and life was just easier if you were blandly polite. Now, if someone got me going, well, I could be poked with a stick and made angry.


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