Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Banana Popsicles

It is 1 am, I am bored and eating a banana Popsicle (don't drip that on your keyboard). Publix sells them by the box, so I don't have to dig through those mixed ones and eat the yucky cherry flavored ones.

Doesn't that bring you back to your childhood and chasing after the ice cream man on your bike? (no helmets either)

Makes you just want to go get one, right? What is your favorite flavor?

Summer is over, better go get one before its too late.

Just keeping you posted.

p.s. weren't those little pants from my last post so cute?


  1. I always went for the grape flavored! I'm boring!

  2. I love the banana or pina colada! It's pretty bad when your kid is sick and can only have popsicles, etc., and he loves the banana as well and you eat them first!

  3. I love grape and pineapple but the banana just hold a special place in my heart.

    Pina colada? where can I try one of those??


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