Monday, September 8, 2008

Tiny pants

Fun and Games at FSU

I was IM'ing my niece, Kelly, a FSU Junior, on Facebook (my new toy) and noticed she had a little note about some jeans that they found in their apartment. No one is fessin' up to the ownership of these tiny pants or how they mysteriously arrived in their apartment.

Here are a few photos of the tiny pants.

Tiny pants:

They don't seem so small just lying on the floor but let's try them on:

(people, these are skinny college girls & that one had me laughing)

And this is Kelly, just being silly.

This is what your college students are doing with their free time. (other than those crazy drinking games & as far as I know, this may be one of them.)
Just thought you might want to know.

Oh, the tiny pants are still, unclaimed. Any ideas?
thanks Kel-Bel for the photos and the funny story

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  1. OH those are mine! I'll email you my address...thanks for finding the heck did they end up clear over that way?


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