Saturday, September 6, 2008

IKE (that bastard)

*** UPDATE***
It looks like we've dodged the Ike bullet. I guess we are not totally out of danger, but the models are all looking good. We should only be getting some strong winds (yeah, I know, that is what a hurricane is).
Strong like gust to 30 mph, not hurricane strong like plunge a 2 x 4 through a palm tree strong. Thanks everyone for being worried.
- Lisa =)


Holy forcast, Batman!

It looks like we just squeeked by that cone.
Even so, it is gonna storm like a mofo!
Of course, those weather people just doing statistics and math and prevailing winds and crap like that to figure out the path.

That means that sucker could go ANYWHERE!

I'll keep ya posted, I know you are all worried about me.

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  1. Definitely keep us posted! Cause I really am worried about ya! :)


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