Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tunnel Etiquette

While searching desperately taking Cab to buy supplies for his photography class (the old type with actual film and paper and chemicals) we went through the New River tunnel.
He held his breath through the whole tunnel, reminiscing about what I taught him when he was little, which is what my mom taught me when I was little.

Now, Webber taught her 3 kids to scream the entire time. (WTF? What was she and/or her mom a glutton for punishment???) (I guess in that respect, my mom was a freakin' genius! - 5 kids, 40 seconds of complete silence. Priceless)

According to Cab, his friend, 'Dward, honks the horn the entire span. (ohhh, I need to talk to that sucka)

I've heard some people say the hold up their feet (wondering how the driver does this) and others raise their hands.
Am I just a freak or did anyone else have any little traditions while travelling through tunnels or over bridges, etc.? Just wondering.......


  1. Thanks for playing MsMel!
    THe food flingith and I hit an innocent bystander!

  2. Totally held our breaths! You're right...very smart Mom! :)

  3. Funny post and it brings back memories of my sister freaking out in the tunnels.

    It is great that Cab is taking a traditional photography class. B&W photography was always my first love. There is a great store in Delray for supplies,

  4. Thanks Shelle - I don't feel so alone and weird.

    StephenG - Welcome to my little bloggy world. Thanks for the info on the photography supplies. That paper stuff is hard to find and stores are few and far between. Maybe it will "stick".


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