Friday, September 5, 2008

I was looking through some photos on my computer and came across this beauty. I think this was part of a project for Cab in 8th grade.

I hope it doesn't take forever to load.

It is a perfect example of the rock pit. Can't you just see Fred Flintstone sliding down the brontosaurus's neck in the background? We even call my boss Mr. Slate.

Cab is the one with the cap. The fabulous head bobber. I guess he was suppose to be the singer in this video. Dope guitar work by 'dward.

I only wish I had the audio to hear their little 13 year old voices cracking while trying to sing.

Cab, Nice soccer footwork, kicking that can.

Ahhh, brings back memories.

ok, I know you are totally trying to figure out the whole Mr. Slate thing. That's ok, it was a long time ago.

Mr. Slate = Fred Flintstone's boss at the rock quarry.


  1. no audio. :-( But I'm SURE it rocked!!!

  2. Okay I'm totally impressed by the guitar skills! Wish there was audio! :)


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