Friday, September 5, 2008

Mental Pauses

I'm sorta havin a bad day.....

I went to do the dishes after lunch , because I am nice like that.... (NOT! - In reality, it is Friday and I would rather wash dishes than deal with the ......what shall I call them? employees?)

Washing dishes reguires that I was make hot water in the coffee machine.
(no, we have no water heater - I work in a rock pit remember?)
The coffee machine is one of those industrial types with a couple of pots.
I poured the water in and totally forgot to put the basket in. Duh....

Of course, water or rather HOT water went spewing everywhere and I just froze there wondering what the heck happened.

Got that all figured out and cleaned up.

Then, I was transferring dish detergent from the gigantor Costco bottle to the smaller one we keep by the sink.
Someone asked me a question and I guess I did not fully tighten the lid. When I went to put detergent in the dishes, of course it all poured out.

Mental Pause?

I think I am going to blame it on (1) preoccupation with impending storm (2) I don't ever make the coffee and am not used to the coffee maker (3) I hate doing dishes. (well, I hate cleaning in general)

I guess payback is a bitch.
Maybe I should have dealt with the (ahem) employees.
And how is your day??

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