Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pi** me off Thursday

Well, I wasn't really going to post this, but because I am a dumbass, I accidentally posted and then I forgot to delete it. And then Bridgett, sweet as she is, posted a comment.

So now, I'll have to pretty it up because of the whole OCD thing. But those of you who love to laugh at others' misfortune, I will link you to the original post here and get a good laugh.

1) Rude sales people - whatever happened to the customer is always right? I guess it is not in effect after a long night of drinking.

Story ala Dunkin donuts: Babs (sister) and I went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee before garage sale (6:45 am Sunday morning).
Pull up to drive through window and hear hhmrrrrmmm mmrrmm phfrmmmmhh. (we assume, of course, that means "Can I take your order")
We order and hear hhmrrrrmmm mmrrmm hhrrtthhtmmmm.

We reply, "we can't hear you, we will pull up and order".

We get to the window and she says "your total is $2.98."
"We wanted more stuff, but we couldn't hear you."
"You are the only one that couldn't hear me. WHAT DO YOU WANT?"
Hey nasty biatch honey - you've been punked by two fat chicks at 7 am, because, thats how we roll! bwwaahaaahaaaahaaa!

2)Expiring gift cards: Dumb - damn store ALREADY has your money. It is linked to a card in a computer. How hard is it to keep track of that for like forever? And those stores that charge a fee to keep a balance on those cards. Thieves. Yep, I said it. Criminal for them to steal your money because you used a little itty bitty portion of the money you already gave them!
Salty's words of wisdom ring through my brain "Never pay in advance for services later, you will be screwed."

3) People who slow down behind cops - drives me nuts. Dudes, if the cop is driving slower that the speed limit and does not have the flashing lights on, you can pass them. I think they do that just to f**k with you. (Hey, I didn't drop that f-bomb, it was the cop doing it.)

4) Dropped cell phone calls - just annoying. In this day and age, can't they fix that?

5) People (who shall remain nameless) that don't answer their extensions because they are just chatting away. You said you wanted to talk to that person, I transferred it to your extenstion, and you let it go to voicemail. AAAARRRGGGHHH! Just shut your trap for a micro-second, answer the phone and put them on HOLD!!!

Those are my five for today. Got any you, want to air?


  1. here is Bridgett's comment

    Bridgett, SAYS:
    We call that slowing down behind cops "V-ing up," like how geese get behind a leader when they migrate.

    Rude sales people, unprovoked rude sales people, that is, always kinda bug me. I've been a sales person (fabric store, walmart, Toys R Freakin Us) and life was just easier if you were blandly polite. Now, if someone got me going, well, I could be poked with a stick and made angry.

  2. 1. People who send mass emails, and you think you're replying ONLY TO THEM.
    2. People who say "they're too busy" and you're bsy as FUCK but help anyway.
    3. anyone who throws a cigarette out the window.
    4. People who are late.
    5. Anyone who judges.

    whew. I feel better.

  3. Yes, got just the one right now, someone driving down the wrong way in a one way street. The stupid b.... nearly crashed into my brand new car this morning!!!

    btw me and Dina are not related but are good friends and we hang out with each other nearly everyday.

  4. Warning be careful with the cop thing. I did that once and I passed the cop (thinking he was a cab) (do I need to mention I was on my cell phone and not paying attention). After passing, I see red and blue lights....I got pulled over damn it!!!! Stay behind the pigs......

  5. ooohh...oohh...I have and idea!

    Okay...I hate HATE when you leave your house to get to your DR.s APPT. right on time...just to have all the SLOW drivers get in front of you! Yea I HATE that! :)

  6. Bridg: Well, I hate rude customers too, but we were just trying to help. Shheeezzz.

    Vodka mom: I HATE cigarettes out the window. So gross!
    Sorry - I am a bit of a judger. I caught that disease from my mother. :(

    Marie: On the cell phone I am sure. Dumbass. It's ok, you can call them names here, I won't be offended. Look - Vodka Mom used the F bomb and I totally laughed.

    Cat: Are you sure you weren't speeding and on the cell phone? I was talking about passing cops that are not doing the speed limit.

    Shelle: You go to the DOCTOR ? I do agree, Q-tips and slow drivers suck big fat donkey d***ks.

  7. Q-tips- what we call old people driving because all you can see above the seat is a little white puff.

  8. what's even worse about those stupid cards and you just have a few dollars left on it, God forbid someone know what to do. It always turns into a frustrating situation at which point the customer service issue comes in.

    I have a gift card with about $3.00left on it and have decided the stupidity of the mall clerks is not worth the $3.00 - they can keep it.


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