Friday, September 19, 2008

Any Random Friday

Random ideas, thoughts, conversations today:

Salty standing in my office swinging the cell phone charger around & my co-worker MD (sitting in my office)-
MD: Watch out with that thing you'll hit your no-no parts.
Salty: No-no parts? those are my yes-yes parts.
MD: come on, now that you're married, you ain't gettin' none of that.

Me: (beet red) everyone out of my office. NOW!

Babs (my assistant): OMG my sister is in Ocean City and she told me to google Ocean City web cam and I didn't google it, I just put it all in the address line as one word and some porn site came up. (Don't try this, it really is a porn site) OMG, OMG, OMG what should I do.
Me: Well, if you liked it, I would watch it at home.
Otherwise, shut that crap down.

I really need a haircut, highlights and a pedicure......

and a maid.

hmmmm.....maybe I should buy a lotto ticket this weekend - 42 million.

Actual Facebook posts with my long lost - almost stepsister (MM) - she started it

MM:My pants are hot!

Me: No, mine are hotter! Look it's J in the background!

MM: It's a tie then...both pant emsembles are horrifying! Yes, it's J.

Me: Oh, but we were "smokin'" back in the day!

MM: No, you were smokin...I was a kid.

Me: I was talking about the super hip, "smokin" outfits, dork. I wasn't "smokin" until I was at least 20. And now? Just sad, not even "smoldering".
MM: Oh stop...if you feel that way they go get some kindling! Start a fire.

Me: I may start running (gasp!). THAT will start a roaring fire.....between my thunder thighs.
MM: You are killing me over here...and by the way, how many people see this exchange besides D? Just curious???

Me: EVERYONE!!!!!!! (Well, just our "friends" list)
ROFL - yo, I crack myself up!

Me: oh wait. I totally made this album VERY private. Limited to VERY few people. SO, not everyone can see. But I think it is funny and I may post this conversation on my blog along with the picture. Of course, I will obscure the faces of the innocent bystanders (anyone that is not me). Because I know how you feel about those shots.

* Permission granted to use MM's picture, others have been obscured cropped to protect the innocent. I think I lied on the private part. I really do think people can see that oh so private conversation. OOPS!

CompUsa - I only need one email a day providing your specials for the week, not 12. Please only send one or I will put you in the spam pile.

Babs - I know you have my best interests at heart, but..... I don't need you to explain the paper sticker Sunpass to me for the 10th time.
I am aware that it is a sticker (ummm... I can see) and I know I will not be able to transfer it to another car because you can't peel it off. (thanks, I was totally unaware that paper stickers don't normally peel off easily after you stick them somewhere - I just flew in from MARS!)

I really wish American Express business would send business size return envelopes for payment. I am tired of folding my giant business check into the size of a pea to fit in your itty bitty envelopes. It is annoying already.

Have you been watching the news about the whole government buyout of the AIG insurance and bank stuff and all that.
Yeah, well I don't like to watch it either, but it is crammed down my throat with an oar.
My house = all news, all the time.

Anyhoo, Salty's business name is close to the RTC thing and makes & sells some engineering techno widget thingy (that is the technical term for it, I am sure).
I guess the whole bail out of the banking industry has something to do with an RTC thing too. Resolution Trust or some whatnot. So long story long, some guy from Merrill Lynch calls......
he wants to buy stock.

Still can't shake that whole The Keeper thing. I read about it first on Insane Mama.
It is haunting me and creeping me out.

Speaking of creeping me out. My desk is making some vibrating/tapping noise and I am here all alone. I need to get out of here. CREEPY!

Just wanted to share. Happy Friday!


  1. that porn thing is hilarious! One time one of the girls on my daughter's cheer squad wento online with the intention of going to Dick's Sporting Goods. She typed in I still laugh at the look on her face when she told me! For Dick's, you need to type in the whole name

  2. The ups & downs of modern day technology!!!
    Have a great weekend, we are trying to make most of the beach this weekend (if it doesn't rain)as it's back to school on Monday!!! :(

  3. OMGOSH...I love that you posted a pic...even though its from back in the...well whenever! But I love it...and you WERE smokin' hot and MM is stinkin' cute!

    ANd I am also having night mares about the KEEPER..YUCK!

  4. Sorry about the keeper nightmare...
    I love the pic. SO CUTE!

    My uncle's name is Dick (I think I would change my name) anyway, so many searches for Dicks land on my blog just because Imentioned him ONCE

  5. Sounds like something MD would say...hahahahaha I miss ppm....


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