Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Driving" me crazy

We were driving to work today and
while my head was turned, looking for traffic
the radio came on in the car ....

me: did you turn on the radio?
Cab: shaking his head no

me: You did not just turn on the radio?
Cab: (smiling) shakes his head yes

Radio: ('Today' show) talking about eating right and they mention salmon

me: have you ever tried salmon?
Cab: nods no

me: have you eaten any fish since you ate fish sticks when you were like, five?
Cab: nods yes

me: when?
Cab: shrugs

me: in the last 5 years?
Cab: shrugs

me: did you turn the radio so you wouldn't have to talk to me?
Cab: nods yes

Me: little shit
Cab: (smiles)

that my friends is a smart ass teenager for you.
*** All that guessed my son was the reason I love that video, you are right.
You know, proud mama - puffed up.
But that George Lucas thing - totally true. (and I mean the 'real' George as in 'Star Wars')


  1. Typical teen! I love his honesty in confirming he didn't want to talk to you.

  2. Trust me Jess, I don't get all honesty - all the time.

  3. YES...I'm such a good guesser! so your son is in the Actor business? What a cutie...and I would be so proud also!

    You're right...he's smart...your teenager! lol! That was funny!

  4. I'm afraid I'm raising a little Cab! Help! He is only 10....

  5. Too funny, anything to not talk to us! Wen will they outgrow this phase?

  6. Cat - some ass whippins are in order (just kidding, don't child services after me)

    M - Maybe early 30's when they've run out of money and need your help with their kids?

  7. I'm lucky to have quite some time before we get to teenagedom, sure not looking forward to it. Would rather start changing diapers all over again!

  8. Ah Marie - would rather wipe crap away than deal with it all day long.


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