Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Commercials and my claim to fame

I don't usually watch too many commercials.

The DVR is my best friend and my best friend just lets me skip right over those pesky commercials.

However, upstairs is a totally different story.

No DVR. No best friend. No skipping commercials.

So, if I am blogging and watching TV (truthfully, there is very little watching, just a little listening) the commercials abound.

**I don't know why I have to preface everything with a little long narrative. I'll try and work on that. You should be able to follow along.

Anyway, there are a few commercials I actually like and they crack me up.

Here they are: (sidenote - I am not getting paid by these advertisers, but I damn well should be)

You can watch the first one here because this advertiser refuses to let you embed. But it is still funny.

And these are too darn catchy. I sing em all day long.

the You Tube parodies of these are funny too but some are a little "off color".

But this is my all time favorite commerical:

Have you ever seen it? Do you know whyit's my favorite? I'll give you a hint. It comes about 20 seconds in. Take a guess.

Its my only claim to fame. Well this and you know, George Lucas is my cousin.


  1. OKay the computer I am on doesn't have any sound...so did it say your BINKS name in it or something? Or maybe the kid in the background at 20seconds in is your son? I don't know...help a sista out!

  2. BAchelor/dog/yard: credit numbers actually broke up a friend of mine from his girlfriend. He just couldn't face a future with someone with bad credit.

  3. Liza Jane, you are too funny! :-) I just went back and read many of your past blogs, especially the ones I star in. hehehe
    I will make it public for your faithful followers, that you are a super special sister who I love very much, and appreciate all your help through the torturous garage sale and move. I know it will be like pulling teeth to get you to come up here anymore, even with the promise of a bed and breakfast weekend! lol
    Keep up the blogging, you're good at it. I enjoyed reading them.
    Love you!!!! (I choose to be "anonymous", because I don't have any other identity! lol)

  4. Ummm, the boy who looks back at the girl is your son???

  5. Shelle & Jess: Bravo, well done. That is my son in that commercial for about .2 seconds.
    Bridgett - your friend? he will get his. True love conquers all. I guess he just wasn't that into her.
    Sister - you are "Babs". Good huh? your initials + sister and nickname for your name. Aren't I clever? Or should I just call you B like Mama Gina?


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