Monday, September 15, 2008


** UPDATE **
I just wanted to update you on that gold party thing.
My friend, the one who had the party, she made $400 for hosting that party. The party was from 7pm - 8pm. And yes, you read right. Four crisp Benjamins for barely an hour.
(*sigh* I wish I knew some friends with some gold)

Still no takers on the tag? I put that nasty awful hideous photo of myself up there and no takers? Come on all you photographers - get going!


  1. My camera is broken :( So I can't play this time around, I NEED to get to the camera shop

  2. Not a fun game for me, my house if perfect!

  3. Cat - it can still be fun. Some of us get pleasure in voyeuring into the whole OCD realm. Are you a germ-o-phob too? Stay tuned, that may be a post soon.
    Ummm.... do you like Hello Kitty?

  4. I looove Hello Kitty.....
    No, I'm not a germ-o-phobe. I just would never want someone to come to my home and it be out of place.


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