Monday, September 15, 2008

Tag - your it

Hey, we've got a live one!
Jess from
Never a Dull Moment has posted her pictures.
Go check it out. What are you waiting for? Go. Now.

The rules of the game are that you have to take pictures of the following things, just as they appear at the time of being tagged.

No straightening, no cleaning, and no making your kids look cute!

That means, if you don't have time to finish this right now read no further or at least take the pictures right this minute. No cheating!

If you do play along, (and I mean who wouldn't want to show the world your deep, dark, dirty closets) let me know and I will post a link here.

Then tag someone else (preferably more than one person).

Fridge - kitchen sink - bedroom closet - bathroom - favorite shoes - self portrait and favorite room

Fridge: Oh boy, lots of fingerprints on that big boy. Oh, you want to see what is inside.

Lets see - leftovers, milk, salad, key lime pie, steak, eggs, OJ. Looks pretty full after our Costco trip.

Kitchen sink: Cab's dirty popocorn bowls and tupperware pitcher. But notice the nice backsplash (good job Salty) and the new granite countertops.

Closet: It has been a wreck since we got married. Everything I am not allowed to keep, I sneak and throw it in my closet. You think Salty noticed? Sad, just sad.


Double sinks, a necessity. Not too dirty and a nice collection of writing utensils, because you never know when you need to write a note while brushing your teeth. And you can't see the shower because it is gross.

The picture is kind of confusing because there are so many mirrors. This bathroom is third in line for the remodel demolision. (the remodel that was suppose to be done at the end of the summer .) Yeah, the one that ends in January.

Favorite shoes: There they all are. My favorite shoes, all flip flops (did I tell you I live in Florida?? Nice display and storage, eh? Quick and easy, the lazy woman's shoe closet. The FitFlops are on top. I wear those a lot. Oh, and look, a belt too. Hey that's where my little polkadot mini umbrella went.

Self-portrait: blech! Just woke up, bleary eyed, no makeup and still in my jammies. That is just scary and another ponytail, too.(but that is another post ) This picture will be deleted when the game is over.

Favorite room: Kitchen . No, not because I love to cook. I know, what you are thinking and no, it is not because I love to eat (even though if you look at my ass, you would know that was true) No, this is my favorite room because it is finished, and new and sparkly with granite countertops (a little high end for this neighborhood, but oh well, I love 'em)

WAIT, I change my answer. It is my bedroom and my new bedroom furniture. Don't, however, ask me to turn around so you can see the other wall. Deeezaster!

Ok, who is playing???

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  1. I love, love, love your kitchen!

    I just posted my adventure around the house al the while my daughter was asking "why are you taking pictures of our house?".


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