Monday, September 15, 2008

Gold n Politics

Tonight I went to my friends house for a "gold party". Have you ever heard of those? You take your old broken chains, rings, anything gold (or silver, or platinum) to someones house, they weight it and give you cash.

Cold hard cash.

I made $250 for junk. Old crap that I have had for 25 years a long time.

It makes me think though. Why are these guys paying people to have a party, invite their friends and rid Americans of their gold?

Maybe its a plot. (that should get those conspiracy theorists going)

When I got home, Salty was watching some political mumbo jumbo. (sometimes I almost wish he would watch football, like normal men) I said hello but no thanks, not interested and went right upstairs to, well, you know, blog. Of course.

A few hours later, Salty comes up, takes the remote and changes it to (yep, you guessed it) more political crap.
Then, he proceeds to tell me all about the show he watched including every minute detail. Uummm dear, were you asleep when I said I wasn't interested? Not interested then, not interested now, not interested. Did I stutter? I could've just sat and watched it with you.

Besides, I am reading. Can you see my eyes focused on the computer screen? (he does the same thing when I am reading a book)
Can you tell that I am not really listening to you blather on? Can you tell that you are driving me absolutely bonkers???

Does your "signigicant other" (I don't want to make any assumptions about your current state of bliss) do anything that drives you crazy?

Do tell.


  1. Good day! Guess what??? My hubby doesn't watch political stuff thankfully BUT he watches documentaries of planes crashing and major disasters!!! I think he does it to put me off whingeing about going on holiday, but he'll never succeed :)
    At least he lets me read in peace though he does tend to go into one of his "admirable" moods when I ignore him for a long time. He keeps threatening me , he'll throw my book in the sea cos I'm usually reading on the boat while he gets to keep the kids amused !!!

  2. My husband and I can't share a TV. He mocks my choices and I fall asleep during his.

  3. Mike is fond of getting dirty dishes to the kitchen but never ever into the sink or dishwasher. If I died, our bed would never be made again, ever. Laundry would never be folded. ETc. The typical boy problems.

    But the recent development is along your lines--NPR is on in the house 24/7 now and he leaves things up on the internet for me to read after he goes to work. I don't...and then he goes ahead and tells me what they say anyway. Gee, thanks.

  4. When my husband watches the news I am in for a lecture about how screwed up things are along with his commentary on how things should be.

    I completely tone him out then he gets mad because, as he sees it, I don't have an opinion on anything. No honey, I'm just no interested. Period. UGGHHH!!!!

  5. Okay that ones soon as I am about to fall asleep...he starts massaging...or mauling me because he's in the mood! Seriously...after eight years it never fails...I know Binks...TMI...sorry!

  6. Marie - I get that stuff as well. SNORE!
    When was the last time you were on a plane?

    Marinka - Me too, but it is not fair - he gets the DVR.

    Bridg - the whole dishes in the sink, unmade bed, and laundry thing cracks me up. Because in my house the culprit is me. ROFL

    Jess (HI and Welcome!) - You go girl. And go ahead and starch his underwear. He's obviously a stiff. ;)

    Shelle- OMG that is totally true with me too!!!
    As soon as the the massage/back scratching starts, WATCH OUT
    So predictable.

  7. OMG! Hubby does the same thing. Whether I am typing or reading. He'll ask me what just happened on a show when he knows I AM NOT WATCHING IT. And I DON"T CARE. Leave me alone and watch your stupid Rockford files reruns yourself.


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