Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Duh - Mental Pause

Today is another of those mental pause days. I wanted to download pictures from this weekend to post. And I remembered my camera.....

but I forgot my purse.
Wallet, drivers license, cell phone, AND stinking cord to the damn camera.

Hope there are no cops on the way home.....
Are you having one of those days?


  1. These kinds of days seem to be occuring often with me, I am getting a little worried. I guess I can blame the hormones, "peri-menopausal." But if this is the case, God help me when I become "menopausal!"

  2. I mean FTLK is only 10, you may still have baby brain.
    You know, when the fetus sucks your brains out through the umbilical cord.
    But if it is the hormones, it only gets worse. =)


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