Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Duh - mental pause

So I left work to meet Salty for dinner (Pei Wei - yummy!) and I am driving to the restaurant. I decide to call my sister to see how the new condo thing is going. We are chat chat chatting. What do I do?
I realize I am about 5 miles PAST my turn. Hahahahahahahaha. Talk about mental pause.
Salty keeps calling me to find out where the heck I am or did I just go home. So, I get there, we eat and we leave.
I forgot to ask my sister something so I call her again on the way home. Blah blah blah, long story short, I get on the highway and MISS MY EXIT!!!! Oh man, now I see why people hate when you drive and talk on the phone. (at least I don't drive 5 mph on the highway like most other cell phone users)
This is the funnyist thing I read today.
click here to read it


  1. Oh girl, I do this sometimes too. Even when I'm NOT on the phone. It's my Old-Timer's.


  2. Did this Tuesday night. I was on the way to do a walk through with my clients on a house they are purchasing. I was on the phone and after my gps kept saying "recalculating" over and over, I realized that I had driven right past the house. The worst is, that my clients were standing in the front yard and watched me as I passed by and I have been to this house at least 3 times in the past month!

  3. Lori: you are young my dear, just got lots of little fairy girls on your mind

    Mel: at least you did not pass the exit you get off everyday for the last 20 years!!! (ok 19, but whats a few days amongst friends?)


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