Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The weird, bizzare and the funny

So I read this other blog (I actually read a lot of blogs, but I find this one especially sick and funny)and found some very strange items. Just the name of the items and descriptions are too funny. Don't you agree?

Weiner Cutters: The Japanese are famous for their perfectly cut mini-wieners you find in so many lunches (bento boxes). What's the secret behind these ubiquitous morsels you ask? Why the Wiener Cutter of course! Now you too can have the most perfectly cut wieners on the block, and not only that, they'll be shaped like cute crabs!, complete with eyes and legs! OR they'll be shaped like cute penguin!, complete with eyes and arms! Be the hit at school. Be the talk of the water cooler clique at work. Wonderfully wacky
Weird? Funny?

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