Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Unions & Chickens

So MsMel sent me a link to a story that happened at the Tyson food chicken processing plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee.
You see the UNION (totally unneccessary, in my opinion) has contracted that the UNION members will no longer get LABOR DAY off as a holiday. Instead, they will recieve the MUSLIM religious holiday of Eid al-Fitr. This is the last day of Ramadan, the month of holy fasting. The story goes on to say that the majority voted for this change and out of 1,200 workers about 700 are Somali Muslim.

  • Now, my first question is: How the He!! did Shelbyville, Tennessee get 700 Somalis? (not that I have anything against Somalis) Did some big airlift happen? Out of the African desert and smack dab in the friggin middle of Tennessee? Was this in the news?

  • Second question: Aren't those African nations the ones that perform those sick female mutilations?

  • Third question: Are those workers so stupid that they didn't just ask to ADD another holiday??

  • Forth question: Why does a chicken processing plant have a UNION that only SOME employees belong to?

  • Fifth question: If you are a person who lived in Somali, went through all the crap that is going on over there (disease, dehydration, shortage of food , malnutrition, lack of safe water, poor sanitation) made it to the US and worked in a chicken FOOD plant. Wouldn't you give up that whole month of fasting? I know I would - lickety split. (although if I worked in a chicken processing plant, I may have to give up chicken - lets not think about it)

  • Sixth question: Do we really want all those Muslims (not that I have anything against them or anything) in our food packing plants anyway? I mean 9/11 and all.

I think I may be giving up Tyson chicken.

Oh yeah, I read somewhere that Islam does not condone factory farming. Wouldn't working at a chicken processing plant constitute factory farming?

Oh yeah, yeah, the company also built them a special prayer room. I say this country is going to hell in a handbasket and hopefully I will be dead before it does.

Just thought you might like to know......

(Binks gets off her horse, the high one, pats its rear quarters, and sends it on it's way)

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  1. First, THANK YOU for my brithday wish! Second, how did you do that? I am such a techno idiot in a sense and am afraid that I really need to start to learn a little more. Last, how did you remember it was my birthday? I am with you about our country, scary! I too hope that I will not be here to see what may happen if things continue to go the way they appear to be going. Wonder what all the soldiers really think about all this? And, I am not stating my position on the war either way, just know that there has been a lot of sacrifice. And, I am sick and tired of having to watch all I say in case of "offending" someone. What about the offensive things that I have to take as a "white, fat, old, Christian female that ?!" Anyway, no one cares, I do know that, especially the younger generation. Moving on, I am signing out. Have to try to get some work done. Good night


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