Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where have you been?

I know I was missing in action because I had no time to post a damn thing.

First, someone dragged me onto that whole Facebook thing which is a whole new addiction and very dangerous for someone with such a jealous husband. (Don't you worry MissMel, we will get it all worked out, but the food flinging, I am not too sure about.)

Second, we went to the west coast (smart since there was a frigging hurricane churning in the Gulf) with some families with whiny kids friends for the weekend. There was no computer and no Internet.

Third, my computer took a major dump and I spent half the night slamming it against the wall fixing it. Plus, I spent so much time pulling out my hair and cursing like an inebriated sailor, I now have a headache and must sleep.

I promise I will write more tomorrow: after work and after the college boy's taxi service returns home for the evening. Oh, and after I check my Facebook wall.

Do you have a facebook page? Multiple blogs? Myspace?


  1. Great blog you have here, I came over from vodka mom. Looking forward to reading more!
    My blog Malta Magic at www.marie6-myworld.blogspot.com

  2. Welcome, Marie6. I am not as funny or as literate as Vodka Mom but I try.


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