Tuesday, September 2, 2008


conversation between co-worker (Babs) and her husband:

Babs: Hi, what's wrong?

Husband: You know that I love you and would do anything for you, right?

Babs: Yes, what happened?

Husband: I just have one favor to ask.

Babs: Sure, what is it?

Husband: Could you remove the panty shield from the panties before I do laundry.

Babs: (laughing hysterically)

I was cracking up. I am NOT making this up, people.

..... and this is why I do my own laundry!


  1. See you are still smarter!

  2. Welcome, missmel! Glad to see you have a name! I love you for reading my blog and for all the fun things we've shared in the past. Maybe some day, when I get a little serious, I will post some past stories; like the me getting in trouble for you puking in my driveway. That one will be fun!

  3. Oh, trust me chica, not smarter, just have a little more practice under my belt! LOL

  4. When Bitchy was little, she used to wear the panty shield INSIDE OUT- sticking on her private place. OUCH. DOUBLE OUCH.

  5. Vodka Mom - you get me every time. I almost choked on my iced tea.
    That made me cringe in psuedo pain though. =)

  6. FaceBook isn't NEARLY as interesting...or maybe I just don't give it the time!

    but seriously! Where do you work because I want to work there...it sounds fun! That was just what I needed today!

    And for the record...I never take anything you say as to harsh or rude...so comment away...say whatever you will...because 9 times out of 10 I'm laughing! :)

  7. LMAO that has happened to me so many times. Thank God I do my own laundry as well!!! Even worse is when I find one random panty shield come out of the dryer. I guess it lost it's way somewhere in transit.


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