Friday, August 1, 2008

Last night's pet peeves list

Ok, well I was thinking that I really did not want to do a whole rant type of blog. Although heaven knows we all need to blow off steam now and again. (and I totally get frustrated on a daily basis so maybe me more that others)

So I figured after the pet peeve list I will the next day put 5 things that I really love (like) and it will kinda squash or erase or negate the whole negative karma from the hate list. Sounds reasonable, right??

You can tell me things you love too. I will try to write later at the sista's house but right now I gotta long drive (so that will give me lots of ammunition for next week's pmo-pp list- although I have a LONG list already).



  1. Well, I give you credit for having the nerve, but more importantly the ability to put a blog together and stay committed to actually posting. I am with ya on the pmo-pp list, especially the fast food places. And, to top it off, if the register is malfunctioning, you can guarantee that you will be finished eating what you ordered by the time the kid behind the counter figures out what change he/she should give! What happened to good ol reading, writing and arithmetic?! Hope you arrive safely at your sister's house and have a good weekend. Don't get discouraged about all your old friends, we will come around :)


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