Monday, August 4, 2008

Another long working weekend

So last when we met, I was going to give you a new "positive" list and had it all worked out and was gonna go online when I got to the sista's house.
Well, when I get to her house it looked like a bomb exploded and there were a few people a moving and jiving. All the beds were gone and she informs me that her cable and phone are turned off and of course her computer is at the house and the internet is at the condo.
Already not a good sign for my negating the negative kharma thing I was planning. THAT my dear friends will have to wait 'til next week. So sorry, I know the 2 of you were so looking forward to those things that I like or love. Oh, I can hear the anticipation building. So when I get there (after 2 1/2 hour drive) everyone is doing the whole moving thang and I pitch in to help.

Now, my mother left a few days before because you know, God forbid, that a day goes by and she can't watch TV. Which means she totally left her room haphazardly and not completely packed. Yep, you guessed it. I packed up her stuff and moved 99% of it to the new place. (never would guess that we have men in our family).
So this whole weekend has been: enter room o'crap, try to find some sort of starting point, sort, pack, carry to car. Repeat 12 thousand times. Drive north and reverse it all. Stay up until 3am unpacking and sorting and organizing get up before (gasp!) 10 and start it again. Well, we did throw some shopping in there but trust me, it was no pleasure shopping for me.

Add to this lovely adventure 358 thousand mosquitos the size of chicken hawks floating around the condo door and the house garage. My eyes are still watering from the bug repellant and my rear is still itching from that one darn mosquito that found its way up my shorts.
Oh yeah, everyday at 4 it poured buckets like the sky was falling and we were having our own little mini hurricane over the house so the we couldn't load the car. When it finally stopped, the algae covered driveway was so slick and wet and then walking on that slick garage floor with wet feet, I swear I was gonna break a hip. I think I was literally gripping the floor with my toenails.

Was a little annoyed that mother just sat in her room and then had the audacity to actually leave all day Saturday to go celebrate my niece's birthday while sista and I slaved over moving. So again, I am tired (see previous post) as all get out. I do not envy sista though, that house is like a bomb exploded and now, I am here and she is there and I can't help no more.
Sorry sista girl - Liza Jane does send love and good thoughts your way. Thanks to her friends that DID help. Ronnie & her bud, mommaGina and her crew. Tanks!
Oops - was gonna post this last night but fell asleep. heeeheee

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