Friday, August 1, 2008

Comments - A how to

To all my "old" friends and family & I don't necessarily mean age old but those I have known & loved for a long time: (to all my new blog friends -all 2 of you , just ignore this - it is old hat for you guys)
The comment thing is easy. See at the bottom of this post where it says "LEAVE COMMENT HERE"? Well click on that and it will bring you to the comment screen.

Leave your comment (nasty, sweet, funny, smarmy, message - whatever - it is all good). If you have a blog (which I seriously doubt because otherwise you would probably know how to leave a comment. [Binks kills pesky mosquito-gross) you can leave your blogger name or you can put in your aol acct or your url, if you have a web page (see doubt comment above) or you can just leave your name or a made up name or your myspace name or ... well you get the gist.
If you are really a chicken you can leave one anonymously. Which I understand because it is a little weird and sort of stalkerish to be leaving comments for me where the whole world could see. But do it anyway. I am waiting patiently for now .
I am waiting.........

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