Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who is stealing my time?

I swear, someone has been stealing time out of my days.
In fact, I feel like they've been stealing entire days.
Something is missing from my short term memory banks. (but I can't be positive)

I wonder if I will be seeing Denny from Grey's Anatomy soon.

I wanted to thank everyone for their great suggestions about my little problem from my last post. I would love to go above his head and tell the main office or my boss's boss about the infraction of company policy.

There is only one small, little - itty bitty - teeny, tiny problem.

He IS the boss's boss / head honcho/ company owner!!!

I virus checked and deleted and cried and unregistered and re-installed and kicked and scanned and cleaned and scrubbed and polished that damn PC until it is so farking squeaky clean, you could let your grandma eat off the hard drive. I'll let you know how long that lasts.

Now, I was going to write a long ass post about what the hell I've been doing for the last few days week month, but if you've been following along, I can't remember so much.

Last weekend I went to Orlando to celebrate my brother's birthday and my sister, brother, niece and I went to Sea World. (if I have time, will post some pix).

I must go pack for our trip to Vegas this weekend. Ciao.


  1. Vegas! OMG I am so jealous of you. I want to come along so bad I can taste it. Have a great time and hope you win a big shitload of money!
    Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- So be as naughty as you want cuz unless you spill your guts on this blog no one will ever know. (Unless of course someone is following you with a camera and it ends up on You Tube)

  2. Vegas? Lucky you!
    If you find out where your time has been going, let me know. I suspect you might find big chunks of my life there as well.
    Since you can't tell on him (you boss), how about you just sit back and revel in the job security! Ha!
    Binks, Certified Professional Porn-slayer!

  3. Oooh ,Vegas!! Win something for me would ya?!

    Have fun!

  4. Hey girl...I'm still trying to figure out Monday...but we will see! If Klay can get his homework done, (like this weekend) then we are good! I also suggested Sunday night?

    When you get to Vegas...check and see what shows you would like to go to and Check if they Play Sunday or Monday?

    If you want!

    Or you can relax and just wait until I fly out your way! :)

    Anyway...sorry about your stupid boss...ARG!

  5. Have a great time. It sounds like you need a vacation desperately.

  6. Vegas? Damn you! Oh wait, I'm going in 55 short meet up with blogging buddies. Woohoooooooooo!

    Have a fabulous trip! Win big!

  7. What happens in Vegas must be blogged about.

    :) :) :)

  8. Vegas AGAIN??? I swear my dear, you are just way too lucky. I am living through you. And by the way, wouldn't it be funny for your boss to find by accident a link to your blog? OMG. Hysterical!

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