Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can I twitter my bad day away?

****Warning: This post contains seriously strong and possibly offensive language. ****

I was once told I had a twitter vibe blog.
I may return to my twitter vibe roots. Soon.
(speaking of roots, I need a serious highlighting)
Not that I understand twitter's appeal. I can't even get mine to work. * sigh*

I am having a seriously bad day.

I have a big project due and I'm now on a wild tangent to fix my boss's computer.

You see, the BMOC (or big man on campus) has a teeeeny tiiinnnyy problem with surfing. Well, I guess the surfing is not the problem, it is the where he's surfing.

So, my entire day is shot with updating, scanning, deleting, rebooting and cleaning. AARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!
Currently, I am 24 damn sh!t fark me 85 in the queue. A queue that I am waiting for because stupidass Norton forgot to add a little "please re-send activation code" to their renewal page. (people do have auto delete spam filters, douchbags)

And the powers that be wonder why I can't get anything accomplished.

(maybe, it's because I am constantly teaching you the same 5 steps to uploading a photo or where the add signature item is in Outlook. And please, can you figure out your Facebook account on your own time?)

So, anyone know how to tactfully notify your employer that you are well aware of their "surfing" habits and that you are damn sick and tired of cleaning up their porn polluted PCs would like to suggest curbing their visitation of certain sites?


  1. Maybe just tell him that 'corporate' has installed web traffic tracking software and will use the results to determine future down-sizing. Throw in some techy terms that will keep him from asking questions. It IS a 'he', I assume. If he owns the company tell him his wife/clergy/mother has requested it.

  2. Maybe you could leave a copy of the internet policy on his desk and hi-lite the part where it says you can get fired for porn sites being visited during work hours?

  3. First time to you blog.

    I can't decide if I should laugh or feel badly for you... maybe a little of both?!

    I agree with Jane! Let them know that the company is tracking that sort of stuff, and it's lucky they don't go to those types of sites or they'd surely be in trouble...

  4. Oh my god... this could actually be really fun! And I know you have secret friends who can infiltrate and investigate so why not use one of them to just scare the shit out of him. A random note left behind, an anonymous email... Oh, come ON!! You can definately think of something!

  5. wow. I had to do this at work once,,, inform the boss that it was his dirty habit mucking up our system. bad thing was the boss was my dad. yeah, nice, huh? so I just did a screen print and put it on his desk with a memo attached saying that our employees have been surfing in x rated waters... havent had a problm since.

    good luck!

  6. Straight up girl. Just tell him/her that it's bogging down the computer. Causing all sorts of grief for you.

  7. Well MY boss made me go to his house and feed his cat and clean the litter box when he went to Europe. Bastard!

  8. OHMYGOSH...are you serious? What a high class boss right?

    That would suck big time...I don't have the patience for that kind of stuff! :)

  9. Oh brother!!!!! I have the same problem at my office, well not with the porn but with people who just do whatever and then expect me to go in after them and fix it because they're too busy to pay attention when I told them how to fix it the first FIVE TRILLION TIMES!!!

  10. OMG, I am LMAO... my previous boss in OH sounds like he could be your boss!!! He always had problems with his computer and whined about it, and when I hinted that I NEVER had those problems, and that where you visit on the web can cause problems, then I swear on a weekend he used my computer to go to those places because all of a sudden, after 3 years of no problems, my computer started getting the same trashy emails he was getting! I have SO many stories about him, he was a porno freakazoid. And the man couldn't figure out how to download on iTunes or change his cell phone ring tone. UN-frickin-real! And he manages an ad agency. Yeah, I know. Freaking hilarious, huh?

  11. So your boss can't do anything for himself either? Yeah, I feel ya.

  12. Good morning! Just checking in and getting caught up on my blog reading! Happy Saturday!

    I agree with Deb,just tell him.

  13. hope your day got better.

    today's the one that sucks for me. Don't know why- can't put my finger on it.

  14. I do hope you made it through your bad day/week and had a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Just checking in - hope you had a good weekend???

  16. RU speaking of Mr. Slate or Tiny Tim?

  17. I would think of same way to nail him... so that you don't have to say anything, but that his boss finds out that he is surfing at work...

    Crap, I hope my office isn't tracking what I am doing...( work) eek

  18. That would be a tough one! I'd have a hard time not kicking him in the groin, to be honest. Good luck in figuring this one out!

  19. Small world - I was at Sea World Friday. It was a lot of fun!


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