Monday, March 30, 2009

Vegas Again?

I know we were just here a few short months ago, but Salty had another convention here and I thought I would tagalong again. Since we can't go away for our anniversary at the end of the month (April), we thought this was a good opportunity to celebrate our anniversary and celebrate Salty's 40th at the same time.

And for all of my RL Friends, I know I said I hated Vegas (hate is such a strong word and now here I am eating crow - and it tastes bad going down, let me tell you). The part I hated was the traffic (horrible on the Strip) and the smoke and the crowds. I don't know if it was the hotel we stayed in, the fact that I don't have to worry about what trouble Cab is going to get into, or what, but it seems that this trip has been so much better. The casino doesn't reek of smoke and even thought it is still crowded, it such a nicer environment.

First, we're staying at the Venetian Hotel. Not to knock the NewYork NewYork, but this hotel is quite amazing. For about the same price, the room is double the size and quite spectacular. Sorry about the photos, I forgot my camera and have to make do for now with my phone.

*sigh* that is what happens when you try to cram a mini girls' night 14 hours before your flight leaves and you haven't packed. (I DID say I was a procrastinator, right?)

standing in the "living room" area looking up to the "bedroom"

view of the pool area from the room

bathroom sink area with double sinks (Salty is in heaven) & that is only 1/2 of the bathroom!!

But the attention to detail is amazing. AND, there are 3 flat screen TVs in the room! Notice above the sink on the left. A bathroom TV. Who knew people actually live this way. I've been staying Holiday Inn style for so many years, this is a big change. (not knocking Holiday Inn, but this sure is nice for a change.)

We arrived Saturday and spent the better part of 2 hours getting our rental car. The line for Dollar was down around the corner and every other car place had no lines. We soon found out that everyone else was charging $300-400/wk to Dollars' $125. No wonder the line was atrocious. Since we booked the trip through the American Express concierge (did you know you could do this?) we called them up and had them research another rental and book another car. What do you know, Enterprise ended up matching the price and when we went to pick up the car in the lot, they ended up upgrading us to the next level car. (only mid-size from compact, don't get your panties in a twist).

After checking out the hotel and roaming the grounds, (they have amazing pool, gardens and spa area on the 4th floor (see the photo above for the aerial shot) and another secluded pool on the 10th floor. We decided to try and get tickets for Ray Ramano/Kevin James show at the Mirage. Since the show was sold out, we were told to come back an hour before the show to see if there were any no show tickets available. We got our stand by number and waited.

I decided that I wanted a drink and while I was in line, Salty was standing at a high top waiting for me. I looked over and he was talking to some guy that looked a bit like Adam Sandler. (yes, THAT Adam Sandler). I gave Salty a look, but he just smiled at me and continued talking to the guy. It really did look a lot like Adam, but this guy appeared better looking and I decided, no, just a look-a-like. (sort of like my Heath Ledger encounter in NYC the day before he died last year) I convince myself that it can't possibly be a real life CELEBRITY. I paid for my drink and turned around and realized, that it really was MY husband talking to ADAM SANDLER ! and he was walking away!!!!! (ummm hello, husband, did you think of saying could you stick around to meet my wife????) LOL

We didn't get tickets for the show though, they ran out at standby # 12 and we were # 13.

Damn unlucky 13, anyway.

Does this mean we shouldn't play the tables???

We are planning to go to Red Rock Canyon today.

AFTER I go buy a camera.

Got to go pick up Salty from his convention.

I have been Twittering a bit (although I don't really know what the heck I am doing.)
You can follow me there - I think it is cbink90.

Ciao peeps!

Binks(from the Venetian)


  1. The cool!!!! Adam friggin Sandler even COOLER!!!!!
    I am so envious right now I so wanna go to vegas!!!!

    I am on twitter but I never tweet i think my id is georgienba or some form of georgie lol

    Have fun in vegas happy bday to salty and happy anniversary to you both!

  2. Wow, no kiddding? Adam Sandler!! How fun! We stayed at the Venetian on our honeymoon, it's lovely. Take an indoor gondola ride, it's worth the money and you get a great picture! Enjoy Red Rock, it's beautiful!!!

  3. Holy Cow you got hooked up!!! I'm so sad I couldn't come down you have NO idea! Love ya!

  4. Sandler??? And you didn't get to talk to him??? Holy CRAP! Well, you've caused our juices to flow and we have vacation time in July so we're going to go back to Vegas when it's like 190 degrees and your feet burn on the pool patio stones. Whoo HOO. Have a blast! And PS... I think I saw you twitter me - i just signed up and have NO idea what the hell it's all about. I'll keep trying.

  5. Aww have fun! I'd be so mad that hubby didn't make him wait! LOL what's wrong with men? LOL

  6. I'm sure you're having a great time, but that really sucks you didn't get to meet Adam!! :-(

    And the Twitter thing, well, I'm with Susan... yep, I'm still trying to figure it all out too. Doesn't help I'm still w/o electric here... ACK!! When will it end??!

  7. AND you've just been given a new award. Check out my blog to find out the WHAT and WHY! :)

  8. Well, you know that NY is KNOWN for its tiny hotel rooms. I guess they are bigger in Venice?
    How cool that you almost met Adam Sandler. I can't believe you didn't go chase him down and take a pic for us. The ones who aren't on vacation.

  9. Between your tweets and this post, sounds like you're having a great time.

  10. Vegas AGAIN?!?! You lucky woman you. I've never even been once.
    Hope ya'll have a great time. Sucks about the Ray/Kevin show. That would have been a great one to see.

  11. I knew I should have blown my sister off, birthday or no birthday. Shit it snowed here and I could have met you in Vegas and met Adam Sandler! Damn!!!

  12. Ooohhh... love Vegas... we have a timeshare there,... at the Polo Towers. We use it a lot.

    Especially for our anniversary.

    Have a great time... our room is spectacular!

  13. Aren't you back yet? I need details!

    Come see my new blog layout. I figured out how to disguise my wrinkles as puzzle pieces. Genius!

  14. What did Salty and Mr. Sandler talk about?

  15. You are quite the traveler! Aren't you on your way to Savannah now? I guess it is to celebrate your anniversary? I cannot believe that CAB will be 19 this month! Be safe and have a good time :)


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