Friday, February 27, 2009

Would you kiss those lips?

Supposedly an ad from around 1919 - right before prohibition.

Seriously, would you stop drinking?

I would especially like to call attention to the lovely on the left with her hand raised. Quite the looker in her day!

I would like to thank Rhonda from Classic Minis, for this!!

Foto Phriday Phun with Candid Carrie. Check it out. It's Phun!


  1. I wouldn't even consider it!!
    "Waitress, I need a double Mary Martini and please make it a double".....if you see that waitress before I do, please tell her we need her at our table :)
    Take good care and.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. I got the Jagger in front of me now.
    I think those are all men in drag. Who knew they had cross dressers back in the day?!

  3. I just fell off the wagon.

    As my mom says, That is enough to drive me to drink. :)

  4. This is hilarious. I think people had different ideas of what was attractive back then but I'm not sure how that can be.

  5. Okay I saw this in an email and laughed my head off!!! lol! You're right that looker on the left probably helped hundreds to stop drinking! lol!

  6. not to kiss one of them, I wouldn't! Sorry I missed the voting!

  7. Thanks for my first out-loud laff of the day!! Hysterical. :) I think I must follow your blog...

  8. yeah- that one made me laugh OUT LOUD!!!


  9. Thanks for making me laugh. wow..nope..i'd not stop drinkning..

  10. Thx for visiting my blog - I wrapped up my contest yesterday and posted the "story", in photos, of drawing the winner - it was fun! I know what you mean about house stuff -- we're in the middle of renovating our kitchen -- new drywall, the whole enchilada. No new cabinets tho, I'm repainting them all - ugh. Just finished the bottom last week, now the top, the HARD part.

  11. My fave is the first row chick on the right. She's the first "Nicole Richie" in her day!
    Suck in those cheeks, u don't want to look fat.

  12. Two, maybe three beers and I'm all up in that shit.

  13. She looks like Aunt Bea off Andy Griffith. ANd thank god I like liquor breath.

  14. Yeah, there is a reason to start drinking if I ever saw one. LOL

  15. I'm sure all the men in THAT town are raging alcoholics!Could have even been the beginning of homosexuality...can you blame 'em?


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