Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pimping and Lotion - the final countdown

We are at # 199 and this is the last post before the big party. (Seems rather lackluster and anti-climactic due to my failure to post anything of substance here lately)
Final entries are through midnight EST on Wednesday, March 4.
So, there is still time to enter the giveaway.

Do you all remember where I said I wasn't above pimping out my blog?
Well, the time has come to introduce my first ever review....
Of course, this can't be some traditional review with a short paragraph about Product A and how wonderful and helpful and miraculous it's performance. Oh no, we are going to do the full on highly scientific version. Let us just see how truly wonderful (or mediocre) the product really is.

We start off with a little e-mail from my buddy Pete. It went something like this: My name is Pete **** ; we have a new lotion ...blah blah blah ....... The lotion ....blah blah deeply hydrated...blah.....prevents irritation and dryness.


I’d be happy to send you a tester bottle of SkinMD lotion to try ......


Being the naturally pessimistic girl that I am, my first thought is: this has got to be a scam of some sort.

My second thought is: did I somewhere in my infinite wisdom post something about the absolute desert that covers my body? My serious skin issues and problems with keeping this leather well conditioned? (Was I drunk and sharing too much information that day?)

How the heck did Pete know I have a serious issue with boot dandruff (and that is a seriously gross photo, so click if you think you can handle it)

What the what??? (Hi, Shelle)

So, I cautiously agree to try this lotion and my bottle arrived about a month or so ago. (I am SURE that I mentioned on this here blog that I am a procrastinator , so Pete should not be disappointed or surprised that it has taken this long to get around to my scientific experiments.)

Don't worry, Pete, I won't be trying the sulfuric acid test at home.

I am going to try this stuff for a week and let you know exactly what I think.

p.s. I'm sure Pete was looking for a different kind of review.

p.s.s. Who knew you could take a measly little lotion review and stretch into a rather boring two posts? Shut up Catherine!

p.s.s.s. Next is the Eden Fantasys review and a giveaway too!!! Don't want to miss that!


  1. Happy post before the BIG ONE! Can't wait to hear what you think of the lotion.

  2. You have to USE the stuff ANY stuff on a regular basis to ward off dry skin. There is no "dry skin fairy" who comes around at night and sprinkles her fairy dust!

  3. I hate boot dust. Can't wait to read the review!

  4. Let me know how it works cuz after being in the Mexican sun for a week my skin needs something. It is screaming for moisture!

  5. Are you gonna give away somethin you already used? Cause ick!!! lol

    I did a review on this stuff a while back too. I'm anxious to see what you think of it.

  6. hmm, yes, would love to know what you think of this lotion... as I get OLDER I find my skin leans more toward dryness, when of course it was oilier than Crisco in my younger years...

  7. I KNEW you were a whore.

    welcome to the club.

  8. That is SOOOO cool!!! You are such a product slut though!!!


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