Friday, March 6, 2009

200 and we have a winner! FINALLY!

Wow! I can hardly believe I actually got to 200 posts! I am seriously surprised I am here. It seems like its been a long time since I've been able to get here and I feel like the weeks have flown by. I have been totally out of it.

I missed everyone.

Now, some of you have forgotten my little giveaway from here and I completely understand. That whole idea was terribly stressful. Not the giving away stuff, because that is FUN!FUN!FUN! but the whole way I structured everything. WAY too much work! I think Ree, the Pioneer Woman has the right idea. Cut it off quick and pick from the entries!

There is always next time..............

So, here we are, ready to finally pick our winner. I want to thank everyone for playing along and be so patient. Next time, rattle my chain a little.

I put all the entries (about 200) in a bowl and while I was at lunch today at work, I had a completely neutral party pick the winner. (And she is totally neutral. She works for my husband, and she probably doesn't know or care to know about my half-assed blogging career. I'm not sure she even knows what a blog is!)

AND THE WINNER IS............



My husband was so cute. When he asked who won and I showed him the little slip of paper and he said "Jilljillbobill"? I think he is secretly reading my blog. (Hi, Dear!)


  1. Yaaaaaay, clap clap clap.
    Too funny that hubby "knows" JJBB. My sweetie looked at a couple of my posts and said something cave-man like "Ugh. Too many words"

    hey my darling daughter is somewhere in Middle Florida and needs a hug. (visiting her dad, kind of)Could ya find her and hug her for me? How big is Florida anyway?
    Congrats on TWO HUNDRED!!!!

  2. This giveaway is TOTALLY fixed!!! I knew you liked Jill more than me!!! RUDE! lol!

    JUSt kidding...congrats Jill!

    Binks is the bestest best!

  3. I had to send my blog link to my hubby a few days ago, he admitted he couldn't remember it (which means he wasn't following it at all!) Congrats on your 2-0-0 and congrats to JJBB for winning a fun prize... keep an eye on my blog, I'll be having another giveaway real soon, it was alot of fun!! ;)

  4. Congrats to Jill. I think it's cute that your husband is secretly reading your blog.

  5. And just one more something I DID NOT win... :(

    Congrats Jillie, maybe now you wont stink.
    (bitter, party of one, your table is ready...)

  6. Of course you husband is reading your blog!! And don't you love it?? Ps.. I can't win for shit these days. UGH. OK, still a chance in Tattooed minivan moms sex toy contest. I.Will.Keep.Trying.Damn.It.

  7. Tell that handsome hubby lunch tomorrow, same time, same place.... Thanks Binks!!! Love ya!!!

  8. Congrats to Jill, who is a fine lady and i can actually be happy for her! And congrats on your 200th!


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