Thursday, February 26, 2009

***** UPDATE *****

I am a FINALIST in
Shelle at Blokthoughts' "Don't You Hate it " contest !!!

GO VOTE!!!!!

You have until midnight, so time is of the essence, people!

If you vote for me, you get an extra entry into my giveaway that is ending this weekend!! (who said bribery doesn't work???)

Come back, okay??


TMI Meme

I found this somewhere in the blogosphere and don't remember where. (so, sue me)

I'm still not recovered from my pity party so this will have to do.

1. Have you ever skipped school? Who me?? Never. (looks around cautiously for lightning)

2. What is your favorite naughty word? It would have to be DUMBASS! I am so not above the word F*ck or its many variations.

3. Have you ever been arrested? Huge fear of mine, so no. I am sure I've done things that could get me arrested, but I try to keep illegal activity to a minimum. Hey, various sexual positions are illegal in more than one state. It could happen.

4. Do you and your spouse have a code that you use when you want sex? We have a pillow. One side says "tonight", the other side says "not tonight". Where the hell is that pillow anyway? Also, a tongue in the ear is a clue.

5. Do you have special names know, either cute ones that your kids use or nasty ones that you and your spouse use?
Don't think anything an 18 year old would call it would be cute.

6. How many drinks does it take to get you sloshed? Buzzed - 2 drinks. Sloshed - roughly 27 to be fall down, slur your words, can't remember your name drunk. Or a 64 oz margarita I had in Puerto Rico.

7. Do you always wash your hands after you go potty or are you one of those gross people who comes out of the toilet in a public restroom and fixes their hair then leaves without washing? Ewwww, wash. Those people that just do their business and leave without washing just creep me out. (and I am not a germ-o-phobe, like some)

8. When was the last time you played the clitar, dialed 9 on a rotary phone or spanked your monkey? I am not good with musical instruments. Who has rotary phones anymore? My monkey is generally well behaved and does not require corporal punishment. Wait, was this some sort of sexual question? I am confused.

9. What's your favorite smell that others would consider weird? New car smell. You'd think I was male.

10. What's your favorite adult beverage? Bailey's or Pina Colada. Although, I hear Duck Farts are da bomb. hehehehe

11. Favorite old school cartoon? It should be the Flintstones since I work at the rock pit. But I think it was the Jetsons.

12. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do with the money? (If you say donate to charity you're a liar. I said the FIRST thing you'd do.) Buy a new house and all new furniture and then buy my sister a new car.

13. Have you ever fed a dog peanut butter just to see what would happen? No, do cats count?

14. Favorite blond joke? I am officially offended.

15. Have you ever undressed Barbie and Ken and made them do it? Not recently. After the last time, they've sort of stayed away.

16. Did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary? Sounds like a legal term. Did you check the legal dictionary?

17. Shittiest car you've ever had? $200 - 1972 Chevy Impala with a smashed in front end, one missing headlight, cracked windshield and a smashed in passenger door that you had to kick open from the inside. Oh yeah, and an irridescent paint job courtesy of the sprinklers.

18. Most risque place you've ever done it? I will have to plead the 5th, but use your imagination.

19. Most old embarrassing ass song that you just LOVE no matter what anyone thinks? Glenn Miller Orchestra - In the Mood. I've said it before, I was born 30 years too late.

20. Ever puked out a car window? Only when I was pregnant. But I've gotten in trouble for my friends puking out the window and the parental units thought it was me.

Anybody that wants to play along with this meme, please let me know and link me up if you can.


  1. I voted!
    What do I win?
    Do I win a meme?
    A muzzle?

  2. I voted for you and hope you win.
    Now will keep everything crossed that I can possibly cross that you win.
    Good Luck.

  3. Ahahahahaha...I may have to steal that for next week!

    Going to vote now...

  4. Shoot, I missed the voting. :o( Sorry.
    Are you not supposed to feed pb to the dog?
    What's a Duck Fart?
    Shoot, I'm so confused I gotta go lay down.

  5. SHIT!! Day late and a dollar short! I missed voting!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!
    And I guess we now know what my answer to #2 would be.


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