Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't you hate it when

Shelle at Blokthoughts is having her "Don't You Hate it Mondays" contest today. And since I have been so busy (this is an easy post - I have so many DYHIW posts)and was one of her first followers and contributors to this particular contest, I feel like I would be letting her down if I did not contribute. I also want to win a piece of Emily's awesome artwork, but that is really not my motivation.

Really?? Motivated?? Did I just say that??

Don't you just hate it when you are out shopping with your husband and he is walking at the speed of light and you've been shopping all day and can't keep up with him.

Then, you are trudging through an extremely busy, crowded furniture store, when they are having a giant clearance sale and looking at an item that is tucked behind a huge sofa.

When aforementioned husband takes off with the salesman and you turn quickly to run after him, because you forgot your cell phone, and don't want to loose him.

And when turning quickly, you forget the ginormous sofa has a whole chaise lounge thing right behind you and you go ass over teakettle, like Dick van Dyke, over the chaise and land solidly on the hard wooden floor.

And 12 people turn around and look at you, snickering, but do nothing to help you up.

And now, your damn husband is long gone too.

Plus, you are now positive that the some smartass security guard has surely posted that fall on you tube.

Fark, I hate when that happens.

Are you still here?

Go read the other DYHIW stories. And don't forget to vote.


# 196

I swear I am ending the giveaway this week. Even if I have to post nothing but the post numbers. Who knew it would take so dang long to put up the final 10 posts to 200.

You can enter here

I would like to give a special shout out to Georgie at Decisionally Challeged for being a great bloggy buddy.

Thanks Georgie!!!


  1. I love the phrase ...over teakettle... even IF my kids would stop breathing if I said the other part :)

  2. YOU freak!!! lol! I love us and our embarrassing moments! I can just imagine that!

  3. LOL yeah, I hate it when that happens!
    My husband does the same thing, just takes off walking, when he does that I love to embarrass him by yelling across the store that he seems to have forgotten that he went there with his wife, and he might do well to remember that or she might just leave him there... That works most of the time...

  4. I did the same thing once and fell right into Rose Marie.

    Ugliest broad on the Dick Van Dyke show.


  5. I soooo did NOT LAUGH at you for trying to be the next great youtube star!

    I cant walk and chew gum at the same time...

  6. At least you weren't wearing a skirt and everyone didn't get to see your London Bridges falling down.
    You weren't wearing a skirt right? Right?

    On the off chance that you were, what was the name of the furniture store? It might make it easier to locate on YouTube.

  7. Hey you are one of the finalists! So you have until midnight to get all of your voters to go over and VOTE for you!

  8. LOL I would have paid to have seen that fall.


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