Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Knew (and other useless information)

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Who knew and other useless information
*** Warning: I am not a doctor or claim to be a medical professional. The following is for informational purposes only. No animals or spam were harmed in the making of this post. Laughing is strongly recommended. (and apparently good for building a strong core)***

Now, I am no computer genius, guru or wizard, but I wanted to share a little Internet Explorer trick that I've been using for a few years. It drives me crazy when I see Salty type out the whole URL in the address bar, when the shortcut works just great.

If you just type the main name in the explorer address bar and hit Ctrl+Enter, it will paste the 'http://www.' at the front and the '.com' at the end.

How did it work for you?

You will now save approximately 7,938 seconds annually.
Think of how much more blogging you will get done!


In other news.....
I have been spouting this rhetoric for many years and now, studies show that I am right!

Germ-o-phobes, listen up.

It seems that a little dirt is good for you.

I found this article in the New York Times, which basically says, when millions of bacteria, viruses and worms enter the body, they promote the development of a healthy immune system. Basically the more germs we let our body process, the stronger our immune system. It goes on to talk a lot about worms, but worms are kinda creepy. (I'm not reading - LA LA LA LA LA LA)

And then, it says, the overuse of antibacterial everything has led to the increase in antibiotic resistant, disease causing bacteria.
DaDa! I always say that!!!

Dirt....... its what's for dinner.


Not into mudpies??
Are you from Hawaii?
Do you love all things Spam?
Are you looking to cut down your grocery budget and start planning meals using that famous canned meat product?

A 12 oz. can costs about $3.00, quite the bargain.
Pork, ham and spices in a lovely salt water and sodium nitrate broth. Yum!

And if you use Google mail, your spam folder conveniently lists all the spam recipes that one could ever ask for. (look up at the top)

Ginger Spam Salad, Spam Swiss Pie and even Creamy Spam Broccoli Casserole!

Don't those sound divine??

More cheeky, silly Monty Python mockumentary spam:

Spam! I think I would rather eat dried up boogers from the floor of the local kindergarten class.

*varp* (sorry, Catherine)


Last, I would like to shout out to my bloggie friends a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Tiffany at Stuck-in-the-sticks and Sheri at Chrouser Chronicles.


  1. There are a whole lotta things I'll eat before opening that can of Spam.
    Tuna casserole (ewwww)
    Mac & cheeze in a box. double ugh ewwww.
    Green eggs and ham.
    Boogers? not so much.

  2. Thanks for the IE info! I did NOT know that.

    And as for the anti-bacterial everything, hell I barely wash up so I must have a great immune system. hehe

    And y'all say what you want, but I like Spam. Spam with egg - or Spam on toast with mustard. Shit, now I want some Spam and I don't have any. Mmmmmmmmmmm....Spam

  3. Yea for you spreading the word on anti-bacterial soap. I am now in the lab creating a soap FULL of bacteria for the smart healthy people.

    Kids in Florida put their boogers on the floor> Here they wipe them under the desk.

    And anything that comes in a can encased in snot is not for me.

  4. I'm going to try to teach my old dog self the control+enter trick!
    I found out that a dusty home is good for your kids, too. Less chance of developing asthma. I was WAY ahead of the research on that one.

  5. I'm seriously varping! (thanks)

  6. I am anti anti-bacterial soap. We don't use it. I do think that stuff is causing us many more problems in the long run.

  7. No, not Spam. I've had too much wine to think about that right now.

    Yeah, I am drinking at work.

  8. worms...omgosh i just threw up....yuck gag spit....i am off to try that new trick

  9. Thanks for the birthday love. Now I'm totally going to try the url shortcut. Thanks!!

  10. You are MY techy genius! Very cool tip! Thanks.

  11. great info, will try that URL thing as soon as I leave your blog.

  12. Hey thanks for the birthday greeting. I probably ate stuff a whole lot worse than spam in mexico. I just didn't know what it was.
    As long as I don't know what I ate I'm fine. I thought I'd come home and look it up, but I don't think so.Ignorance is bliss.

  13. I get so annoyed with germophobes so I love this!

    Spam is of the devil! :)

  14. Hey, I brought some boogers home from school for you yesterday. now WHERE did I put them????

  15. My google e-mail thing keeps giving me the opportunity to jot down the recipe for spam quiche!

    I will not eat spam and eggs, I will not eat them Sam I am.

  16. just stopping back in to check on ya!!! havent heard from ya in a few wanted to make sure all is well

  17. I must have the fucking strongest immune system EVER these days. Stomach bug galore with my kids - they will NOT STOP PUKING. I'm so sick of them, oops, I mean it. The stomach bug. ;)

  18. I think I'll have a spam and worm omellette...that sounds good. right?


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